Tue 10/03-2020 Day 500

Pos: 27.9482,-111.0582

Loc: San Carlos

Acc: SV Pellucidar
A typical city day, or rather marina day. Online work and calls all morning, shopping in the afternoon at the Walmart in Guyama. On the advice of the Marina people, we took the local bus for only 17 Pesos (O,81 $ US) which did the job, but quite honestly this bus was feeling like kind of those rattling dirty 3rd world country busses overloaded with people clinging to the outside and sitting on the top with chicken and ducks in baskets, minus all of the latter. The bus driver had to refill air on some backyard garage, and it seems to be normal not to stop on all “official” bus stops when no one says a word.
We passed Walmart and were waiting for him to stop, until we realized exactly that, and asked him to stop which he instantly did just a kilometer behind Walmart on the open busy road. Well, our mistake is a lack of knowledge.
For the way back, we dared to afford a clean new European Uber car driven by a smart young man for barely seven dollars US which was well worth as he drove us straight up to our dock gate with our heavy bags. But the first thing before we touch our food was to wash our hands thoroughly. Signs of Corona also here?
Dinner was indulging in fruit salad and greek yogurt with honey, leftovers are kept for breakfast. A lot of Vitamins!