Tue 11/02-2020 Day 472

Pos: 26.0066,-111.3383

Loc: Loreto
Acc: Hotel Oasis
Dist: 26,1 km
Start: 07:45 End: 12:30
I had at least a good night’s rest on this small gravel beach, no coyotes howling, no wind trying to rip the tent, no other noises – earplugs! I do not always dare to exclude potential danger noises sleeping out on a beach, but sometimes it is ok and necessary to get a deeper sleep.
We had not much distance to paddle today to reach Loreto. Elizabeth is not only a great but also a generous paddling partner, she booked us for two nights into the Hotel Oasis right on the beach to make logistics easy. Thanks for that, Elizabeth! So far, she also bought all or food in return for having a great trip with some great equipment and with some great paddling partner – I am getting spoiled! THANKS!
Our room is facing the beach – not that we urgently needed sea view
Just the internet is as always in other countries, not the fastest, and for some reason, I can’t reach Facebook on my laptop, but only on my phone for now. This means I can’t upload pictures to Facebook yet and can’t feed my friend’s page, but uploaded all pictures as always to my Google Photo album linked to my website. It will soon be done. I also could get my music downloaded on my phone, to have some more great music paddling days – in case we get some following wind one day…
Winds here are hard to forecast, I think every day it comes from all directions, depending on the mountain shape. Tonight it was also supposed to be only up to 13 knots according to Karel, but it blows since 15.30 20 knots from the north. I am sitting outside the small restaurant next door for better internet than in our room. Windy!