Tue 18/02-2020 Day 479

Pos: 27.0814,-111.9514
Loc: Mesa Atravesada
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 33,0 km
Start: 07:30 End: 14:35

Last night, I had to find my wire cutter tool in my repair kit to cut Elizabeth’s golden ring off her finger. The ring finger was very swollen from just a small wound, and the small golden ring didn’t make things better. So off it went with my bity tool, and Elizabeth is free again! No, it was not her wedding ring :-).

The small beetle invasion in all our gear yesterday evening came somehow from this beach, we plugged them out and off one after the other, but still found in the morning a few here and there, one in my sleeping bag…yuck! But the beetles were of the friendly style, and didn’t bite or smell once squeezed to much. Still not really attractive…

Attractive was our red morning sky plus a fancy rainbow just on the other side of our beach. We were launching a bit later due to cell reception and the office work coming with it, but it was an amazing nature spectacle!

Plenty pelicans littered the small rocky spits, some of the now usual dolphins played offshore, some looms were making their special sounds offshore and huge flocks of tiny birds were gathering in dark spots of floating bodies, and tricked us making the sound of a whale spout on hundreds of them diving all together. Some social feeling lonely large dog kept us company for a long while along the beach, but different to another one I encountered in Argentina, he didn’t make the attempt to swim out to us and to enter the decks. Water depths to his belly was enough for him!

The bay was wide and deep, and relatively boring to paddle. Some eye candy gave the long line of houses of white people towards the end of the spit, a bunch of well-sized palaces bought out everything but the last three local fishermen huts. Half of them showed no sign of life, they are probably just used for a short holiday per year. A quite nice but worn down hotel area looked pretty dead, too.

We both felt today rather less motivated and a bit tired from yesterday’s long and harder paddle, and were happy to find a white beach just for us after an area with a bunch of campervans. The last two people walking here disappeared while we went for a pretty snorkeling trip. Many, many colorful fishes, one fat guy with bulging bug eyes hanging out between two rocks, he was still there when we swimming back. Some scorpion fish was hiding under a layer of sand, an arm long needle fish or such, plus many fat sea slugs sliming along on the ground. The area besides the rocks was white sand which gave a nice contrast. The rocks and corals itself were not too impressive or colorful. Overall, it was well worth getting chilly!