Tue 25/02-2020 Day 486

Pos: 28.0448,-112.8028
Loc: before Punta Juan Bautista
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent

no paddling today

Yesterday, we could have paddled in the evening for another three hours or such, but once we’ve set camp, I’m not really keen to go again. Also, though the wind had settled for the evening and night, we were not sure when it would be starting over again. Instead, we had a campfire, burnt all the collceed plastic bottles plus a scorpion which we dicovered suddenly clinging to a wooden stick.

The night sky was clear and dark with all the sparkeling stars on new moon, and Elizabeth impressed me with the star app “Skyguide” on her tablet. She discovere the Hubble Space Station wandering over the sky, and could name all the stars and shapes around by just holding the tablet up to the horizon with the built in GPS. Technical progress…

The same calm wind blew for today’s morning. Four hours, we could have paddled easily, especially in the shelter of the coast, before it breezed up a bit close to Karel’s forecasted 17 to 27 knots with gusts 30 to 40 knots. But we didn’t go as we didn’t know.

Instead, we went for a walk north along the cliffs, always upfront the nature park signs 🙂 We had a good breeze, but burning sunshine over our heads which made us wishing we would have taken some water along. Not much to see besides cactus and a well-made dirt track road which should be closed according to the signs. We found a bunch of wheel tracks and human footprints, as well as two coyotes and once more piles of donkey shit minus the matching donkeys. Still wondering where they are, and where they would get their water to digest the few dry grass around.

The afternoon passed tedious with seeking shade either inside the tent which we had additionally covered with a tarp and our sleeping blankets, or upfront some small nearby cliffs.
But one can read only so much per day. Elzízabeth sewed a new pot cover, and I fixed my holes in my neoprene socks. Aot twenty flies gathered inside the open tent, closing the fly screens was too hot. I had to kill them like yesterday once the sun went down and we could close the screens.

Tonight, different to yesterday, the wind went only marginally down, and it is likely we have to stay also the next day. We will do a hike south.
Thank goodness to having enough fresh water until we likely can paddle on only on Friday.