Wed 04/03-2020 Day 494

Pos: 28.8223,-111.9457

Loc: Bahia Kino
Acc: Islandia Marina cabin
no paddling today
It was a typical day in the city, doing all-day business mails and calls, private calls and uploading the pictures and stories to Facebook and Google picture album. It takes a while, despite the internet works well here.
In the late afternoon, Marg arrived via bus from Hermosillo, and Elizabeth took over to instruct her in her parts of the jobs on the trip, and updated her on my little quirks :-).
I fitted Marg in my kayak, but emphasized again to both I think she is a bit too short for the kayak. Elizabeth felt already, despite doing well, like being a tad bit of a too-small and lightweight frame to handle the heavy expedition kayak safely. Marg is even two inches shorter but built a bit more solid.
They both travel, as agreed written in a signed waiver, and as everyone else does travel with me and in my kayak, on their full own risk and as an equal partner, and not as my client I am responsible for. I’d preferred taller and stronger paddling partners fitting better in my large heavy loaded kayak, but I accepted both on their own wish as there was also not the lush choice of paddlers available to spend four weeks paddling in Mexic. Both jumped happily in for slots which had been canceled many times for different reasons. This felt a bit annoying for me. I might reconsider my system by having paddling partners in my own spare kayak to continue further into Middle America. We’ll see.
Thanks so much to Elizabeth to have turned out to be a safe and solid paddling partner for the conditions we encountered. We did well together, and I am hoping she could take some new experiences home to share with her friends. And thanks so much to have been so generous to cover most of our accommodation and food expenses in return for my knowledge and gear services! I have never expected anything and have been positively surprised. She was my first paddling partner who did so out of her own decision to recognize my efforts.
Marg, Elizabeth and I went for dinner in a decent looking restaurant next door which had a large open-air sitting area. But as it was pretty chilly, we were asking to be seated indoors. It turned out that the indoor sitting area was basically the living room of the owners, and it was occupied this evening with a group of about a dozen white people, likely coming from our RV park, singing Mexican songs under the instruction of the owner lady. Nice! They ad a keyboard and a guitar in the corner, but the music to sing to came from Spotify and a Bluetooth phone connected to a speaker…things have also changed here in these kinds of gatherings! In Alaska, we bumped into a similar group, but they still played the guitar to singing along… maybe only because of the lack of solid internet…?
We got a table from outside into the living room, and my backside got roasted by the open fireplace making the room cozy warm. Mexico felt not always warm enough!
Marg told me at home, she is also a member of a singing group, and it sounds like she was even into my style of music. I hope we can power along singing together and she MIGHT be the first person paddling in the rhythm…we’ll see. First I have to check on her paddling style, to keep her healthy moving the heavy boat along, and finally at a decent pace. but she seems to be keen to make it!