Wed 05/02-2020 Day 466

Pos: 24.7939,-110.6613
Loc: Cabeza de Mechudo
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
no paddling today, too much headwind
We were actually hoping, it would be windy enough to have an excuse not to paddle today, as both our bodies were sore from the challenging headwind crossing yesterday. For today, northerly headwind well over 20 knots didn’t sound like an inviting day, so we pampered our bodies and gear.
To our disgust, four small motor campers emerged before lunch out of the arroyo bush and made themselves at home at “our” beach. They said the next beach where they stayed before wasn’t sheltered enough to camp, poor guys…well, we haven’t booked a private beach here either and have to live with the additional company. There is actually a dirt road going quite some way along the coast and to all the hidden beaches, so nothing about “wilderness” here…yet.
A long hike along the cliffs gave us some exercise in the afternoon, and we could confirm the headwind wasn’t to our like for paddling. Still, our new neighbors pulled a plastic sit on top tandem off the roof and got afloat with a dog in the middle – about 200 m inside the sheltered bay. High-end adventure of the day!
We have to see how the forecast is tomorrow and maybe even Friday if we might at least paddle a few hours in the morning before the wind breezes up too strong. Maybe…otherwise we’ll do a longer hike into the arroyo.