Wed 12/02-2020 Day 473

Pos: 26.0066,-111.3383

Loc: Loreto
Acc: Hotel Oasis
No paddling today
It got amazingly windy already around 9.30 am around 20 knots from the north. This gave us thank goodness a good feeling to stay in and to do city chores.
The wifi here in the hotel is nothing worth, it blocked on my laptop my Facebook and I didn’t feel like sitting there all day to upload pictures on a so-called 4G plan which is rather a 1G. Not like in Alaska with the -1G though…I tried again in the wifi of Ginni Callahan’s Sea Kayaking Baja Mexico, where a young girl named … kept up the business with the walk-in clients and on the Phone/ online while Ginni is still away on her trip guiding the group. I had the patience for over an hour to upload at least the reports and pictures of the first three days, then nothing was working anymore. Sorry, folks, you will have to wait for more pictures!
Food shopping was keeping us busy the afternoon, but we had to buy only half of the stuff we shopped in La Paz as our resources were not fully empty yet. Elizabeth wanted to take a taxi home, but I balanced the shopping into three gear bags, shouldered two of them plus my backpack with all my electronics, and left her the last bag with the fragile fruits and eggs. At least some workout today…
I am thankful again to Elizabeth being so generous to buy once more all our food and to invite me again for dinner. Very nice, no complaints! She must be somehow happy on this trip with me…
We decided to give it a go tomorrow very early morning until the wind gets once more too strong, we’ll see how many hours it will be. But if we don’t paddle on those days, we’ll get not very far overall going north against the main wind direction. Soon having crossed to the other side, it will be much nicer! Today’s strong north winds I’d have loved to ride southwards…!