Wed 19/02-2020 Day 480

Pos: 27.3368,-112.2633

Loc: Santa Rosalia
Acc: SV Pellucidar
Dist: 50,3 km
Start: 07:40 End: 17:40
It was another low wind day, which makes me usually rather falling asleep on paddling then digging in deep. But we did some miles today, and a stop before Santa Rosalia was neither really possible in a decent distance nor really wanted when we noticed we make good progress.
We passed a small village with a tiny harbor across the Island San Marcos and stopped on a beach across some fancy houses of white people where we saw thirteen vultures feeding on what turned out to be quite a big size turtle. Not really sure how the vultures were planning to do the feasting with the turtle shell still in place, and the turtle’s arms and feet were also still in place. Just the eyes and parts of the head were missing. Yummy…
The Island San Marcos showed dusty mining activity, not really an inviting place to go. We decided to shortcut a large bay with the entrance to a sizable lagoon but climbed the outside rock wall to have a look. Nothing really interesting to see.
Rather interesting were the cliffs before Santa Rosalia, with big flat shelves and a few well washed out caves. One cave was rather a wide flat arch with a beach exit on the other end. Realy nice!
We had no plan where to stay in Santa Rosalia, the dark and dirty city beach was not the place to go. We also need food shopping tomorrow, so a safe place would be welcome. Elizabeth would be up to invite us into another hotel – if there would be one with beach access like in Loreto on offer. We paddled into the harbor and decided to ask at the harbor office about camping options. I landed first at the ferry jetty – wrong place…a the yacht jetty, a guard guided me to the office. Two very friendly folks were happy to help us by storing our kayaks, but we were not allowed to camp nowhere, also not for “special cases”…but there were affordable hotels along the main street.
The effort to unload the kayaks at the docks, carry kayaks to a storing room and our gear to the hotel was finally saved by the invite of the friendly yachting couple Linda and Walt from Seattle to stay on their SV Pellucidar. Thanks to giving us an easy sleeping place for the city stop! The office people had no problem with that, just a tent was nowhere welcome. We had a hot shower and got well fed on the boat with dinner. Thanks so much, Linda and Walt!
Tired now, lots of work to do tomorrow!