Thu 17/02-2022 Day 669

Pos: 13.1732,-88.4539
Loc: Boca de Bahia Jilisco
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 27,7 km
Start: 06:35 End: 12:20

I sleep not too bad here in the back yard of the police station, I could have eve used a small outdoor gym beside me with a bench with weights and some rack. Today is calm inland paddling! My sleep can only be good with this outlook.
I am read and packed at the agreed time five-thirty, and the truck arrives at six to load my kayak on the truck bed while I am sitting on the end for stabilization. Alex drives with his motorbike behind us as a “red flag”. They agreed to dump me at the village of Ceiba Doblada, as my envisioned point might be dry on low tide. Ok, good enough, as my paddling distance on the river would be longer anyway than offshore. I take some last picture of the meanwhile seven policemen, as obviously both responsible parties have to be present on my launch. Not to mention all armed to the teeth with big machine guns. I happily glide into the calm water, and wait for my breakfast until I turn around the first corner. The tide is going out, and I float along while eating with almost two kilometers per hour.
A great decision to paddle here today! I enjoy a perfect view of the beautiful mountain range in the backcountry, I think some of them are volcanoes. Ashes, but as I learnt not from the volcanoes but from the fires on the sugar cane fields, rain down again today in quite some density. I enjoy the paddle, but calm water is also not for the long run! Wide sandy fats are exposed on low tide, people seem to enjoy beach life here on weekends.
Soon, I can make out my new watch dog boats with uniformed guys frying in the hot sun, a green and a blue one. The authorities seem not to have own boats, but rent any available ones. I try to leave them behind me and out of my mind, but when I beached briefly for a second breakfast after the headwind already kicked in, I could not even go unnoticed for a pee. It is a strange feeling to be watched all the time, but this is just well-meant, I know.
The headwind bothers me only for a short time until I paddle close to the coast in good lee. All easy going, and landing anytime possible! I aim for the very end of the sandy spit on the northern side, which promises the best camping. Well, if “best” means setting up tent between thousands of plastic bottles and other trash floated to the shore. The wind out here is strong, but less than yesterday. Tomorrow should be reasonable headwinds, and I am strongly hoping I can survive a full day of paddling!
My beach corner has inviting clear water, no one besides two dogs is around, and I go for a longer skinny dip. So nice! My view out of the bay shows now, as far as I can see, some gaps in the entry surf which seems generally to be not too bad. I hoe tomorrow morning with calm winds, things will look even better to sneak out of this wide bay. I could have paddled inland for almost another twenty kilometers on winding mangrove rivers to the next opening, but as this opening looks rougher than this wide one and the shore distance is half of the river distance, I sticked to this exit. Though the afternoon on the hot beach is long, but I have to do some office work!
When I landed, my two watch dog boats were gone, but now at five o’clock, a boat with SIX policemen beaches at my camp. Three of them try to jump off with keeping dry feet, but not much luck. Each has a small food bag with them, but nothing else than the usual big gun, they are supposed to spend the night watching me by walking around. Well, enjoy your own adventure, and thanks for keeping me safe!