Llanberies/ North Wales

Nick Cunliff and Jeff Allan taking a good sniff on my trolley

Next stop before Anglesey: A quick visit in Llanberis at Nick Cunliff’s surf lines shop, good to see that ol’ guy again after the Falls of Lora trip 🙂 – and just in case you might miss a proper paddling picture here: He’s vertical on the TITS III title, just between Justine and me…

Better than any restaurant: A delicious dinner at Justine and Alun’s kitchen!

Later -thanks, Justuine, for the great meal!

It consisted of fresh baked salmon, and of about 12 or even 15 different fresh veggies! I can’t believe where she pulled out all that fresh stuff of her fridge, having to leave to the US next day already…but oh well, a mutual visit to her local yoga class made us ready for enjoying a great meal together.

…if there wouldn’t have been those piles of TITS III DVD boxes, sittin’ around in the whole house, ready to be sent out to all of you! This woman is *really* busy!

I helped her, taking a couple of boxes with me 🙂