Youth inspiration

I am happy to present two new female young talents to the sea kayaking community!

They both wrote to me they’ve got the idea by my TITS III video, so I am honored to be kind of an inspiration model to the youngsters…

Well, we are all looking forward to see more soon!


14-year old Charlotte Rombaud from Jersey/ Channel Islands with a perfect split on the kayak.

(Wish I would be still that age and still thet flexible :-)) …)


16-year old Maria Medina from San Sebastián Puerto Rico, with a perfect headstand in Derrick’s new Rockpool Alaw Bach.



4 comments on “Youth inspiration


Looks like you gotta be superfit to be a kayaker! I came over here from my friend Kakaks blog to say hello and check out the mention of her Daughter Maria, And I’ll be honest I feel pretty ignorant now as i thought you guys just paddled araound! I had no idea about the gymnastic displays too!

Way to go Gals, Peace and Luvs


Maria Medina says GREAT JOB! Charlotte Rombaud and if you ever make it to Puerto Rico we can paddle together! Thanks Freya :)))

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