UK/ Ireland Talking Tour February 2018

Freya Arrival überarbeitet.jpg
Press Picture Arrival Buenos Aires 1.5.2015

My talking tour “THINK BIGGER! – Survived.” about my circumnavigation of South America in February in the UK/ Ireland looks like this so far, but not all locations are 100% confirmed yet!
Thanks so much to all people involved to help me organizing the tour, especially to Catriona Woods to give the initial kick!

5.2. London (Lorna Campbell)
7.2. Brighton (Sanne Marie Roberts)
9.2. Portland/ Weymouth (Steve Jones)
12.2. Falmouth (Jeff Allen)

13.2. Cardiff (Elan Rhys Winter)
14.2. Pembroke (Mike Greenslade)
15.2. Betws-y-Coed (Plas Y Brenin, Jack Nicholl)
17.2. Holyhead (Pete Baars)
19.2. Dublin (Great Outdoors, Paul Donnelly)
20.2. Cork (Jason Nagle)
21.2. Westport/ Castlebar (Kevin O’Callaghan)
22.2. Belfast (Ashley Hunter)
23.2. Aberdeen (Lyle Smith)
24.2. Inverness (Ruth Mantle)
25.5. Edinburgh (David Simpson)
26.2. Newcastle (Tom Thomas)
27.2. driving home!

Falmouth and Edinburgh are published on eventbrite, maybe the other locations will follow.

Thank you all to support my tour, see you soon in one of my talks!