A long working (and waiting) day!

6 m wide, 200 kg...two kayaks on the move!

The kayaks were due to arrive today – 100% certain this time! The arrival time was first 9 am, then it was 9.30 am, and eventually 11.30 am…but finally the cargo plane with our precious load really landed!

Mark Peloquin from Bluewater Kayak Works was picking us up with his rental car at Cristians home at 7 am already. Our host had to work today, so we were happy to have Mark around to help us to get to Santiago! Thanks Mark!

First station was Mark’s rental car place in Santiago, where we had to swap his small rental car against one which would take a THULE roof rack. This also means, it had to be an upgrade of about double the rental price…With many, many phone calls, we were already yesterday able to figure out what they had available and what would be matching.

René and Guillermo from THULE at Cartoys

Eventually we had a nice white Toyota SUV, and could drive to Cartoys, where they had a THULE shop who promised to outfit us with a sponsored roof rack. Thanks, THULE! It was mounted quite quickly, and we were happily heading to the airport, to finally receive the kayaks.

We already knew we would need a truck first to get the whole monster cargo off the airport and unpack it somewhere with heavy tools. Juan Paulo Ceron from Universal Kayak was so nice to help, and we just had to call him when we would be ready with the paperwork!

A worker is unstrapping the heavily secured cargo load - the LAN cargo plane in the back ground

The LAN cargo people were quite friendly this time, as they owed us a first class service after the “mistake in the system” on Monday, which made us drive to Santiago once in vain…They allowed us to watch the unloading process almost from the plane, and it made us excited to realize they are really THERE! 🙂

Careful! The forklift was already poking through the card board boxes once...but all ok.

But first the paperwork…this means waiting about an hour at the LAN cargo office. We were through with the first paperwork load there at about 1.30 pm, and they sent us to the customs – but they only re-opened their office at 3 pm…another 1,5 hrs of waiting…

What kind of crazy stories are you trying to tell me???

The customs officer was surely asking for invoices, and what I paid for the kayaks – well, nothing! Thanks to Point 65! But of course he wanted some proof of my statement, and my promo-card and website convinced him eventually I was telling the truth was really *that* crazy… 🙂 Then he agreed I’d had to pay NO customs at all, thanks a lot! I had already been so lucky at the Argentine customs on the first leg!

Thanks, Chilean customs! Give me a hug! 🙂
Thanks to the Chilean customs! (I'm so sorry I forgot your name...!)

Eventually back to the LAN cargo office, we would be ready NOW to pick up our freight after paying another small handling fee, but Juan Paulo was only available at 5.30 pm with his truck, so we had to suffer another waiting period of  1,5 hrs…all we had do was to adjust all  South American timings! No worries…

Driving our "small parcel" out of the warehouse...

Juan Paulo called, and with the help of a local truck driver I could describe him where to find us. Finally we were ready to load! The cargo guys did a great “dance” with the monster cargo on the forklift, and slowly but surely it disappeared inside the truck! Yahoo! It didn’t really matter that you couldn’t close the doors, a few straps, and the problem was solved…

Juan Paulo directing the cargo into his truck
It sticks out a bit - who cares!

It was already dark, when we were arriving at Juan Paulo’s Universal Kayak factory. Right on the truck, we had to cut the metal welded cage just at four spots, plus a few plastic straps and ropes, then we were able to slide both kayaks out of their prison! Fortunately, the forklift didn’t do any damage, and we could unwrap two spotless “Freya” kayaks! Thanks again to Point 65!

Juan Paulo working with the power cutter on the kayak cage on the truck in the darkness. Four cuts - and the kayaks were free to slide out!

We quickly strapped them to our THULE roof rack, hugged Juan Paulo good bye, THANKS AGAIN!!! and  soon were on our way back to Vina del Mar.

Finally - two escaped prisoners, rescued out of the metal cage! Our THULE roof rack does a great job.

We could unload the kayaks into the basement community room, ready to work on them tomorrow. Good night at midnight! Yawn…but all successfully done!

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Mark Harrison

Can I ask you why you like to have a white/black kayak and a red/orange tent.??? My early experience of getting capsized in a white catamaran and they had a hard time seeing me against the whitecaps as the tide took me offshore, meant my Kayak was orange. And for stealth campsites my Saunders Base Camp tent was green… But that was 35 years ago for the Ireland Circumnavigation. Have fashions really changed so much??? He he Only joking… You ARE such an icon you can SET the trend in kayak fashion!!!!


hi freya. your new boats looks great. what is the main differenceses between your old( epic) and your new (point 65 freya) and why? regards kjetil, bergen, norway.

Jörg Hofferbert

Bravo, the main hurdle is done. Both kajak´s look fine on the top of the car. But in using them, they are much finer. Good luck to you F & P. Soon your start is coming.


Glad you finally got your boats! And it looks like these were packed well and are more likely to have arrived without cracks and stress fractures in the bulk heads!! Did you get to try them i the pool for leaks?
Good luck for tomorrorow, it will also be our last holiday day here. Back home on Sunday, to rain cold and more shite like that, all the ingredients of a British Summer.

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