Final arrival plans and dates for Buenos Aires

Puerto Madero Yacht Club Buenos Aires
Puerto Madero Yacht Club Buenos Aires


I gave it a lot of thoughts, checked the maps and possibilities.

The fix and final plan is:
I will arrive on a fix date on Saturday, 2nd of May back in Buenos Aires at the Puerto Madero Yacht Club (-34.602 -58.3649) where I started. This will be around noon to have time for celebrations. And at night may the celebrations continue…:-)

I will paddle from Uruguay crossing the Rio de la Plata from the Colonia del Sacramento to the Yacht Club in Quilmes (-34.7060 -58.2331) where I had spent the first night at the beginning of the trip. This can be best any time and day earlier than Friday the 1st of May, as I can have some good rest and prepare the last plans for the final 20 km leg for the final arrival with my Argentine friends.

I will not be able to arrive much earlier than May 2nd (I think…), but will do my utmost to not be later. If weather or destiny likes to prevent me from arriving on May 2nd, I will have to skip some distance, as plans will be set and I urgently need to be back in Germany/ Augsburg to attend the celebrations for the “World Paddle Awards” on May 9th where I am invited as a Top 3 finalist…

All of my “not only Argentine” and not only “paddling” friends are invited to attend the celebrations! Please mobilize all kayaks, boats and floating devices around Buenos Aires for a gigantic escort into the Yacht club (or such…)! Maybe some of my friends I met on any other place of this gigantic continent may make it also to be there?

I am so much looking forward to be back! This night I had a night mare – I was back and nothing happened 🙂

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Hola Freya cuando calculas pasar por Montevideo? ya que la idea es recibirte en el ACAL Nautico Club que es el club pionero en kayakismo en Uruguay!!!cualquier cosa desde ya a las ordenes

J. Scott Evans

I have followed you all the way around and feel enlivened by your adventure. I will also miss the daily accounting but my short trips will seem a small part of something greater now. How I wish I had the resources to accompany you on your final km’s. Travel safely these last days.

Randall Lackey

Lord I would so love to see you in and be there, but there’s no way I can , but in spirit and gladness for your accomplishment. It will be awesome.Please take plenty and get many pictures taken and take the time(as you’ve always done )to share with us that wonderful day. hell what will we do when we don’t have you to follow and reply back to when you’re through with this trip.I understand your being ready to have it be over,sure, but we will miss you and the daily postings.

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