Back to “work” – Hamburg airport!

Hamburg airport - awaiting new adventures! Picture by PJU

Hamburg airport! All home preparations are done, also as usual some importatnt last minute jobs, but eventually the second leg of my big adventure starts! Honestly, I have to get used again to the daily blogging…well, for me, it’s like back to work! 🙂

I’m obviously not flying with three big pieces of the pretty THULE hand luggage – my “new” paddling partner and “personal photographer” Peter took the picture. In future, I’ll always sign *his* pictures, just to show what difference it makes to have a second person on the trip…

It will feel quite different for me, not to be only responsible for myself. But it’s just a different and probably tougher challenge! People may think paddling with two people is just easier – no way, not for me!

Having been successfully solo and undisturbed underway in the most challenging waters of this world, it’s quite a big change now.  To look after your partner on the water and on land is much more of an effort for me than just to look just after myself. Not to talk about the distractions…

The next leg will provide big swell, heavy surf and a lot of desert – a bunch of challenges of their own! Plus the need to put two different people together in these conditions…it will all be all right!

We decided to even swap to just on more bigger size of a tent – THINK BIGGER – now it’s the Hilleberg Keron 4! Not the Keron 3… The main reason is that we have now the possibility to sleep either way, as the tent is inside almost square and symmetrical. If the pitching ground leaves a choice, I probably prefer the sleeping direction parallel to the exit, like I did in my Hilleberg Staika or Allak being by myself. At least the tent situation will not add to any potential “partner stress”…

Kokatat outfitted us for the colder water at the beginning with the proven Tec Tour Anorak, Ronin Pro PFD, and made a special paddling pant for us just like the Tempest pants, but made out of Gore Tex! Just what you need when the dry suit is getting too warm. When it is getting even warmer, we will wear the surf skin pants and the Gore Tex Pullover. Thanks to Lisa Kincaid for organizing everything and to eventually sending it to Germany just in time!

Our two brandnew Point 65 “Freya” kayaks are on the way to Santiago from China, by air and truck! They flew from Shanghai to Los angeles, are driven via truck from Los Angeles to Miami, and will fly from Miami to Santiago! Well…supposed arrival of the kayaks in Santiago should be on the 20th of August…hopefully… 🙂

Then it’s custom time, picking up the Navy permits for Peter and me, food shopping and hopping on the water asap!!!

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I agree with you Freya. It is so much easier to paddle alone, yet I get slammed for it. I run group here in New England but there is nothing better than just go alone, not to worry what the next wave will do to our co paddlers. Yet, everybody thinks we are crazy. I have to admit my mind truly finds freedom in really challenging conditions but only if I know I’m not responsible for anyone else. Then I have to slow down, stop, look back and think, do they need help, what kinda help I can give. If something happens to them, what the hack am I gonna do and if they can’t make it how am I going to live with that and even though they are all older than me, I just feel the responsibility. So, I hear ya!! I will be there with you as I did the first part. I hope the P65 will serve better or at least the same as Epic. Please Peter look after for her as I know she is looking after for you. One day we will all sit and talk about it. Either here in US or in Germany.


I love those new kayaks! The whole line of Point 65 too. The take apart ones are great for storing in vehicles.
Will be praying for your safety and well being.

Gordon G

Freya you are such an inspiration!!!!(I’m taking up Kayaking)
GOOD LUCK from Scotland!

Richard Hayes

So another great adventure begins! Good to hear you will have a partner for this phase. Best of luck from Newfoundland, thoughts are with you, and as always, take care out there.

auf ein neues, freya, und jetzt auch peter. ich wünsch euch eine handbreit wasser unter dem kiel. ich werde natürlich täglich online vorbeischauen und auf dem zweiten, schweren abschnitt euch kräftig die daumen drücken. good luck!!


Good luck and don’t let the beasties bite, four legged, two legged or with wings or fins.


OOH DEAR GODDESS OF THE SEAS! GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU AGAIN .. And good company :), I THINK IF YOU HAVE GOOD PARTNER TO REACH ITS MUSCLES AT CAPE pace here we are prepared to accompany you on your journey to HEAT Much love and good riddance


Viel Spass und alles Gute für die Tour. Grüsse mir Chile. Ich freue mich auf Eure Berichte. Aber nun erstmal einen ruhigen Flug, gute Ankunft, dass all Eure Vorbereitungen klappen ( die Boote gut ankommen, die Marine mitarbeitet etc. ).
Die besten Wünsche für Euch Beide, saludos, herzliche Grüsse, kærlige hilsner

Chuck H.

Best of luck during the coming months. It will be good to have a partner, particularly as you get closer to Colombia and the Caribbean coast, as there is a lot of criminal activity up that way. Be careful!

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