Fri 06/03-2015 Day 801

An interesting perspective from under the two concrete bridges


trip days left: 57
straight distance left: 1210 km
Highlights: Paddled at least…
Lowlights: Headwind and counter current
Launch: Calm beach
Landing: Calm beach
Pos: here
Loc: airport beach
Acc: tent
Dist: 31,6 km
Start: 5:50 End: 13:20

I was tempted to stay put in the nice house of Cesar with air condition, but as the weather will turn soon, I will take also this day to paddle. The missed out office work I can do at the beach. New food is packed. The nice dinner in a fancy fish restaurant last night got me to bed later than I am used to, but who cares…thanks to Cesar to look after me!

He drove me back to the Yacht Club early enough I was on the water on my usual time around 6 am. As headwinds were fore casted, I wanted to do the best out of the morning. All easy paddling on calm water, despite me being tired.Passing the bridges in the narrows of Florianapolis city gave some interesting perspectives, but all easy going.

Fishermen's huts just under the metal bridge
The small two concrete bridges in the background are actually used, the metal one in the front is on restauration
The bridges at Florianapolis city


At 1pm, the 15 knots headwind kicked in, and I worked hard to get at least to the coast in some possible wind shelter. But instead of wind shelter, a small remote beach was lurking, and I got out to have a look.A perfect remote campsite…the airport in the background, no road access, why battling 15 knots headwind and choppy seas to get to the next headland I was actually aiming for…I could use the afternoon working on my way points, pictures, tracks and e-mails I was missing out in Jurere. I am not the kind of person to land and to wait out the bad weather which may change after some hours…

Besides the low flying international big planes right over my head and two helicopters continuously buzzing over the same spot in the sea, all is calm here. I wonder what the helicopters are searching for?We’ll see how far I am getting tomorrow…

Small 'airport beach' campsite


2 comments on “Fri 06/03-2015 Day 801

Randall Lackey

I too have been away a week or so,and in that time missed much as well,but you continue on safe and speedy as always.glad to read you got the spare GPS and food restocked and fed well by more good people.Enjoy the evening, and watch for the low flying planes.Safe Paddling.

Frances Price

I have had two weeks of Freya journey to catch up on! You have been quite a busy lady during that time. It is a relief to read that you have been safe, in spite of a few rolls in the surf and sandy water in your cockpit. I hope that your heat rash is healing, or at least getting no worse.
The fact that your circumnavigation is drawing near its ending is bittersweet for me. While I will be happy for you to be able to return to your home and family, I shall greatly miss the enjoyment of following you on your daily adventures. I hope that at some point you shall once more decide upon a new challenge on which we may follow you.
Happy paddling, Freya!

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