Fri 07/02-2014 Day 589

The wreck 100 m inland on the green part of the beach close to the forest


A necessary rest day

Pos: here
Loc: The perfect wild beach
Acc: tent

I already felt yesterday I need to have a rest day today, my body was aching everywhere from the superhuman effort during the night, and my skin had sores here and there from paddling just too long in one go. And this beach was just perfect. It was raining all morning, and my decision to stay was firm, despite a reasonable forecast. I slept as long as my body and mind needed to recover, as I do need all my physical and mental functions at their best to continue paddling safely. If during last night I’d have just got a sore wrist or bad vision or whatever ache, I could have been lost.

How the hell did this relatively new wreck come up here? 100 m inland!

No more rockets to be launched during the night :-). I am actually wondering how many the do launch from this station per year? I will find out. What I found today on a walk along the maybe two kilometres long sandy wild beach with hundreds of big logs lying around like big bits of firewood, was a shipwreck I spotted already yesterday from the distance. It was not looking too old and like quite a big fishing boat with all the electronic trimmings on the masts. It was sitting high and dry and upright sideways against the forest edge about 100 m inland, at the end of the sandy but green overgrown beach area. How did it get there? Either the beach was growing the last decades around the ship, which may be possible as the coast is changing here very much. At least according to the satellite images, once again my position shows not the actual coastal state as this is a 2 km long sandy beach with a river at the beginning, and not a spot in the middle of some green area. But the sat images also had some strange cut in the picture. Maybe the “creators” of the final image put the puzzle pieces once more wrongly together or added a wrong position. Or maybe a huge Tsunami wave has shoveled the wreck up the beach to the forest edge which I think is more likely? In any way, amazing…

Sure when I started my beach walk, a lonely small fishing boat came by and anchored close offshore, shouting some stuff over to me I didn’t understand and I didn’t make any effort to shout back, just waved friendly. They were probably also wondering how I’d got there, as my tent and kayak may not have been visible for them. Did they think I was a ghost from the shipwreck wandering now lonely and endless up and down the beach?

I will head the 30 km to Kourou tomorrow, then to another beach between Kourou and Cayenne before I will most likely arrive at the kayak club in Cayenne, located in the second river on the eastern side, on Monday late afternoon. Peter was monitoring my e-mails as usual and texted me on my sat phone the local Cayenne kayakers are waiting for me. Merci, good to know! They are already planning a barbecue and “an event”, whatever this may be, thanks! But before I’d be fit and ready for any party I am rather hoping to find a friendly host providing me a proper shower and putting me up in an air conditioned bug free dry room to heal my skin, stuffing my dirty clothes in a washing machine, helping me with some shopping and giving me time on some good wifi connection to do my online jobs…basic needs of a civilized woman! 🙂 I would be more than thankful for a generous volunteering host! But I can also live for a while like a beach hobo…

I even found today in the afternoon the water so much inviting on the all sandy beach that I took a dip and rinsed myself again with my plenty fresh water I carried – I was missing that on the muddy coasts! Unfortunately, the mud is not fully done yet, the worst stretch is still yet to come with a lack of camp sites. Probably until Belém in Brazil, I have to suffer before the “pleasant” Brazil starts! Still headwind though…

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Hi Freya,
For the stretch Cayenne / Belem I suggest you have a look at Henry brothers’ website (or even contact them). They did it the other way round on their kayaks a couple of months ago.
Have a good time with our friends of Cayenne kayak club.
Alain – Instructor at St Laurentt du Maroni kayak club


Wow you have been in some tense situations this past week, good writing. Glad you are taking a day off to let your body/mind repair. remember to watch your breath calmly with out altering your breath. Then scan your body with your mind, any areas that are tense make note, any areas that are relaxed or feeling blissful make note, check the nature of the breath. If there is pain make note check the quality of the breath, mentally say pain. perhaps you will have a reaction to the pain and note that as mentally unpleasant, check the breath. When you see pleasure check the nature of the breath, if you react it may be mentally pleasant note this. Or perhaps you may be mentally neutral, check breath.
All the while gently watching the breath.
Perhaps this may help for those moments while you are letting your body heal while in the flow of the universe!

Randall Lackey

Hang in there Freya. Glad to read you’re resting well on a dry beach,even enjoying a walk and dip in the clear waters.Good for the Mind and Soul.Rest well and stay safe.Safe Paddling.

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