Fri 10/04-2015 Day 836

The eye for the rudder cable on the top left of the pedal is worn out and cut deep down intop the carbon. To prevent the first strong top horizontal cable tie from sliding down, I had woven below some more. The whole pedal was already split and repaired with cable ties and tape before.


straight distance left: 359,2 km
Pos: here
Loc: beach before José Ignacio
Acc: tent
Dist: 34,7 km
Start: 6:45 End: 13:20

A calm night on the public beach. But I got once more ants in my tent! They did not come through the three zipper meeting point which I always stuff properly with a piece of cloth, but through a small hole in the floor I have over seen so far as an ant entrance…:-( it took me a while to do the ant massacre, to wipe the floor and to shake most pieces out. Thank goodness they were not again on my pee pot biting me in my private parts as two years ago in Venezuela…

I launched through low shallow surf to paddle around the harbor. It has a loading site for logs out of the nearby pine forests. Nothing inviting for a kayak, but in case of heavy surf I would have found a spot between the smaller boats, I guess. So far I haven’t seen any fishing boat on the water, fishing seems to be out of fashion in Uruguay…just two villages and this port had even boats on the shore. But later today I would see one in action…

Lighthouse at La Paloma


I had breakfast on a tiny dead calm beach between some reef rocks with a narrow entrance instead of on the water, as some head wind was bothering me rounding the headland and heading into the wide bent of the next wide beach. But fortunately the offshore wind turned soon into just about pushing on calm seas and I made good speed. Landing was varying from a quite strong and unfriendly double dumper on moderate steep beaches along the first lagoon, to a single fat very ugly dumper on a very steep beach, to relatively calm an relatively shallow beach sections to a moderate double dumper again on moderate steep beach.

And the whole repaire job is finally covered with duck tape


This is where the fore casted quite strong afternoon headwind set in already at 1 pm, and I saw no reason to punch into 15 knots with white caps and landed quickly before the breakers may be changing again to the worse. I was paddling so nice and quickly so far I guessed I had enough for today. Besides, I had an idea to fix my footrest properly with what I had, cable ties and tape, to prevent the steering line to cut even deeper than already into the carbon pedal. I was also working again on my sun tan on the deserted beach while doing the fixing job…eventually no mosquitoes, not even at night, and a moderate temperature! Perfect beach life for an European…besides some nasty horse flies. Before moving into my tent, I killed the hopefully last ants and shook everything out again. The wind changed later back to the regular after noon ENE, but no way I’d launch again…! The landing was unfriendly enough.

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Estimada Freya:
Espero que estés teniendo una buena remada, mi nombre es gonzalo y estamos en punta negra hospedados que esta unos 20 kilometros después de punta del este (-34•53’8″ ; -55•13’21”) con unos compañeros que también son kayakistas.
Si te puedo ayudar en algo, no dudes en escribirnos.

Te mando un saludo,


Randall Lackey

Good to read you had a fairly decent day,minus the big afternoon winds. wonderful that the mosquitoes are low,they can be so bothersome, but so can those blasted horseflys.I think they may even be worse. hope the rudder cable repair went well. safe Paddling.

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