Fri 18/04-2014 Day 659

Sao Luis´s Rio Bacanga on low tide - view from the 7th floor of Sandra´s apartment


Decided to take antibiotics against all my skin infections…
Pos: here
Loc: Sao Luis
Acc: Sandra´s apartment

I was all day inside working online, reading and repairing my gear. Nice and cool, but I always have to cover my ears and forehead in the constant cool air flow and blow, and my eyes don´t like it very much either. But when I am going for the meals inside the living room which is not air conditioned but has all day open windows and doors to the balcony, but no cool draft, I am not feeling very comfortable either and start to sweat instantly. But I am fed well!

The healing of my skin infections is proceeding, but slow, most sores are still painful and festering. At night Jadiel took pictures of my sores, sent it to a doctor friend and got online the instant diagnosis to take eventually Cafelexin antibiotic tablets. And I finally agreed, beaten up by the small, but many painful sores coming almost out of nothing or just from one scratch or bug bite. We will get them tomorrow, also hopefully eventually my gas cans.

Thanks to Jadiel for all his help, and to Sandra hosting me in her nice apartment! Our translator Lucas was absent tonight, so we did it the ¨modern¨way by typing into the laptop on Google translate…

3 comments on “Fri 18/04-2014 Day 659

Randall Lackey

I have just spent all the the it takes to read your updates and certainly glad I did. Wow, you have had it rough the last few weeks. I certainly hope it will all get much better for a while. Glad to read you atr getting the anibiotics,sounds like the skin is having to do a real battle right now.Its wonderful to read that again you’ve got such good people taking care of you and helping how they can.Rest well and enjoy the down time.

AJ Nusbaum

I agree, it sounds very uncomfortable. I am happy that you are able to post updates as I look forward to them as well.

Frances Price

I am relieved that you have decided to accept the antibiotic meds, Freya. I cannot imagine what the heat, humidity, and water containing goodness-knows-what, are all doing to your skin. Sometimes even a strong body needs a little help. Thank you for your diligence in getting the updates to us. Reading them is a high point of my day!

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