Fri 18/11-2011 Day 81

TV interview in the Prefectura San Julian, Natalie in the middle as a translator

Pos: here
Loc: before Punta Cuevas
Acc: tent
Dist: 0 km

The second day off…at least yesterday was a bit easier then. I still managed to go shopping last night, but back around 9.30pm I was not able to do anything like food packing…just sleep. Thanks to the Prefectura guy for driving me! So this was the first job for this morning. It always takes over an hour, and makes a pile of rubbish! I am used to have most things in portions zip lock bags, at least the lunch snacks, which is very practical. And I do pre-mix my breakfast – oats with milk powder, sugar, and newest idea adding some Oreo cookies! Tastes nice!

TV interview in the Prefectura San Julian, Natalie in the middle as a translator

Around 10 am there was a date with a TV crew, and this job took over two hours as well. Also in that time came a lady from the German-Argentinean group in Puerto San Julian, where people are member who have German roots. She was so nice to present me with a ceramic beer mug from Puerto San Julian! Thanks very much!

A present from the German-Argentinan society

In the afternoon I was planning to edit some videos and pictures, but there was no laptop which liked to start…so I read a bit, fell asleep, and tried my laptop again – there it came to life after another fifty tries or such! Well, I could spend my time better than trying to start my laptop…I hopefully get my new one eventually in Rio Gallegos.

TV talk

The Prefectura guys were creative meanwhile to have a bit of a more comfortable transport for the way back to the beach tonight – for my kayak and for me. They had a big empty big metal trailer, which had some ropes from one rail to the next, two mattresses on top, and my kayak travelled gently on the over sized trailer, and I traveled dust free inside the car. Thanks, guys! And going back at night was a bit better than asking you to drive me at 5 am or such…

Thanks to the Prefectura San Julian!

Thanks a lot to the Jefe Hugo Sanchez and all people in the Prefectura San Julian    to hosted and helped me so nicely! I’ll keep your ceramic plate as a nice souvenir! And thanks again to Natalie for translating all the time!