Fri 21/02-2014 Day 603

The first really relaxing landing on a sandy beach on high tide - but already on early afternoon


Landing on paradise beach!
Pos: here
Loc: before Punta Grande
Acc: tent
Dist: 21,4 km
Start: 7:30 End: 10:45

I escaped the many bugs after stupidly jumping out of the hammock with no pants on by wiping off the bugs and jumping into my wet long paddling fleece pants in the quickest time. Yahoo! next time again I get my wet paddling gear into the hammock and change inside… never trust the bugs not being there at least in the morning. I was packing my gear also in high speed, but no idea where I lost one of my neck scarves while changing. It was just gone, maybe during last night’s change on the sandy flat already? I was taking so much care NOT to lose any single piece of kit.

I dragged the boat down the soapy clay mud with little effort, but had to carry with more effort the heavy gear bags. I want a real sandy beach landing on high tide!

This was landing on 'high tide'

The paddle was quick on the rising tide, and as it was so quick on the rising tide, I thought this will be the hell of an effort again to paddle against the falling tide, and landed as soon as I spotted the beach I envisioned this morning on highest tide – full sandy, small, lonely, no carrying gear, and chances to get easilyoff again tomorrow morning with a bit of solid sand and no MUD walking effort. I called it a day already at 10.45 am in low wind and bright sun shine, I really needed to recover on such a lovely place! Shame about missing may be a reasonably easy paddle, but mind, body, soul and gear needed some attention.

My lovely sandy beach camp from 'half tide' view...

I underestimated the surf rolling in on that lovely sandy beach, had to high brace and got my head fully wet. Perfect chance for a swim today and a full body and hair wash! I used shampoo and the fine sand to scrub my skin, rinsed with my plenty fresh water, dried out all my body and gear on my perfectly dry tent site, glued my sandals and neoprene socks in the sunshine and was happy all afternoon. Until I pulled out my laptop which I haven’t pulled out for the last 8 days now and which may have gotten humid in this climate despite the perfectly waterproof Aquapac. But my fellow obviously also wanted to breathe deeply and to air out before it wanted to work, on this perfect afternoon where I had time to write some updates it didn’t want to work by any means. And it looked so seriously ill! I forgot it also had a soul and needed loving attention to dry out every night as I do with my GPS, sat phone, camera and e-book reader.

Ok… I am still hoping it needs just a bit more of airing out to be working again…but the rest of the gear was updated, nails freshly painted, legs shaved and hair washed. Feeling recovered and keen to go on tomorrow morning!

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