Fri 23/03-2012 Day 207

The last farewell view from the bow, with Daniela, crew member...

Pos: here
Loc: before Islote Linagua
Acc: tent
Dist: 47,3 km
Start: 11:05 End: 19:15

My planned stay on the floor of the 4-bed girl’s crew cabin didn’t happen, I got a bed in a 3- bed cabin with two men – one of them was always on the watch on the bridge while the boat was sailing through the night, and the other one was watching me, changing shift at 4 am…I slept really well!

...and from the stern...

Still getting up early and quietly, not to wake the guy who was hitting his bed at 4 am. They are mostly sailing at night, changing the anchorage for the next day’s activities.

I did my best to say a personal farewell to most crew members I was in closer contact with. The guys and girls are all doing a really great job! It was very interesting for me to have a look behind the scenes of such an operation. Thanks a lot to the great crew of the “NOMADS of THE SEAS”!

Andres was asking me to escort for a while the first kayaking guest group, so they had a bonus paddling with the world’s most (in)famous kayaker :-). It was actually a pleasure and the easiest thing I could at least do to thank him. I was ready to really set off only around 11 am. Weather was great again, a light breeze from the south. But the tide changed at 2.30 pm, and as it runs with about 2 km/h here, it went a tad bit slower.

The whole coastline was open beach, with quite some swell and surf! Only after Punta Pucaihuén it got a bit less, and I could land through the now low surf with no problem.I finished paddling too late to get my still soaking wet tent dry, I really should have hung it up on the boat! Well…my fault.

I’m camping tonight on a sandy beach on lowest tide, so dragging the boat was a bit of a job again. But no problem, I had gained a lot of energy the last two days! I had a big smile on my face all day, I think…but as much as I gained distance, the more I was setting into my old routine and smelled again the freedom of individual traveling. I just noticed too late I forgot the shirt and shorts I used in the hot spring in the dryer on the boat…hope to get it back in Puerto Montt in their office.

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Hey Freya, Sounds like a wonderful way to say thank you. Now you are on your way. Thought about you today while Rob and I were paddling in the mangroves. We found a mile long mangrove tunnel which was very cool, then crossed the Terra Ceia which had some crazy water happening. I can only imagine the water you travel and the stamina you must have. More and more I am appreciating what you are doing. Be grateful of the life you have Freya.

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