Fri 24/01-2014 Day 575



Office work, shopping and some sight seeing

Pos: here
Loc: Paramaribo
Acc: Pieter and Nancy’s house

The morning I was busy online as usual, first working on the past days, then looking ahead. From Paramaribo to Cayenne in French Guiana it is actually not too bad, mostly beaches, maybe one night I have to stay on the mud or in the mangroves. I should be there in 12-14 days. After Cayenne, the stretch to Belem in Brazil past the Amazon will be the toughest part of the whole trip, besides maybe 3 or 4 tiny villages providing maybe some firm campground there is simply only mud and mangroves and bugs everywhere for more than 1000 km. Yahoo! The only positive may be that I really eventually will catch some following wind on the stretch almost due south, that’s it…

The big wooden Christian church in Paramaribo


Inside the woodenn Christian church in Paramaribo


The turning church windows let the fresh breeze inside the church


Pieter took me in the late afternoon first to a well sorted outdoor shop, nice place! I bought a new headlamp, and a small lightweight, but quite solid looking kiddy scoop net to fish around in the shallows for cat fish, jelly fish, sharks, piranhas or whatever may be floating there :-)…actually a nice toy to entertain myself with once a while. Suriname as actually everything to offer what you need, it seems to be a bit more wealthy than Guyana and there is way less trash around which pleases my eye. But both countries have their charm and a lot of friendly people!

A beautiful Mosque in Paramaribo


A Synagogue in Paramaribo


We stopped on the way back by the beautiful wooden Christian church, some Mosques, Synagogues and Gurdwaras, the government house and had a peanut soup in a small restaurant by the river. Suriname has something to offer! And the mixture of people and religions are nicely living side by side!

Tropical tree
Not much left of this one though...


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Hartmut Boegel

Danke für die prima Fotos vom Landgang. Dank der vielen Fotos und der emonionalen Reiseschilderung wird die Tour immer plastischer zum Miterleben. Darum schaue ich fast jeden Tag in den Blog und bin gespannt auf alles Neue.

Randall Lackey

Thanks for all the nice pictures.Had hoped for you that the coastline would improve considerably but it sounds like you’ve still got a lot of ugly shoreline to deal with for a long ways.Maybe at least the winds will get in your favor soon.Safe Paddling.


Thanks Freya, lovely photos!
Love the inclusive nature of the photos.
The wooden church with its turning windows is really beautiful.
Thank you for sharing

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