Fri 30/09-2011 Day 32

The Prefectura boats of Bahia San Blas

Pos: here
Loc: Bahia San Blas
Acc: private house from a fishing company owner
Dist: 50 km
Start: 7:30 End: 17:30

Quiet day – calm winds, calm water, low islands on the horizon, sometimes no water where I’d liked to paddle…like at home in the German Wattensee! But there is a good GPS, so I found my way.
Last three hours the wind had to breeze up to a bothering south easterly, so a bit more hard work at the end. But I had the outlook of a hot shower that night – the message was brought by the to be expected to be around sooner or later Prefectura boat. 18 km before Bahia San Blas they found me, and brought the nice news…

I eventually crossed the last five km over the bay from the west of Isla Flamenco, and found a nice small fishing village without high rise buildings, but with a beach I knew only from New Zealand – 45 degrees steep, and full of cobblestones.
Thank goodness the water was reasonable calm, but landing on such a beach with a crashing dumper I had to do a few times in New Zealand! Here were a few helpful hands dragging my heavy boat up the beach – in New Zealand I couldn’t do that by myself without unloading at least the front and day hatch whilst holding the boat in the 45 degrees position with the other hand and the boat attached to my body with my tow belt for safety…quite complicated job until the boat was light enough and I could drag it up myself!

The first of many steep gravel beaches in Bahia San Blas

I was greeted by all the other Prefectura members, and hosted in a house of a Prefectura member whose inhabitants temporary moved out…thanks!

I unrolled my sleeping pad on the kitchen floor, and made myself at home as much as I could for that short night.
Short, because a stay in a house is always combined with many more jobs, and first of all for sure the very welcome hot shower and laundry!

I was shopping a few small things, checked the forecast for the week, cooked dinner and looked at my e-mail…not that I could answer them all…

Now the last job updating my blog, pictures have still to wait, probably until in three days in Balneario El Condor.

3 comments on “Fri 30/09-2011 Day 32

Servus Freya,
I watch your trip with excitement and send good energy for your safe travels. I have been following Roz Savage’s row across the Indian Ocean and she is nearing landfall this week after a long journey solo. I am paddling in the MR340 Missouri River, USA kayak race next week and draw courage and inspiration from your fortitude and skill. I have enjoyed your blogs and will continue to stand by as you travel safely.
Gehen Sie mit Gott,
Scott – Iowa USA


Hi Phil,
if you are new to Freya’s blog, have a look on the right hand side where it says “Archive”. You can go back to the tale of her Australia trip.
All the very best to you

Phil Gorman

Hello Freya. I love reading of your trip. I live in the Middle of the US. I started kayaking in 1998 but have had to quit recently due to MS. I especially enjoyed the long solo paddles on the Mississippi river. When I paddled our Great Lakes I never had the courage to go solo. Your voyage is fascinating. I look forward to each of your posts. God speed and good onto you!

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