Kayaker party in Quilmes May 1st

As it is a long weekend with the 1st of May as a holiday before my official arrival day on May 2nd, I suggest we have a kayaker party in the Quilmes Yacht Club on Friday May 1st? How about that? Let’s make the best of the long weekend!!

On my real arrival day, things may be too busy with all the media and officials to have some good chats, so why not gathering already on May 1st in Quilmes, talking about this and that and whatever you suggest we can do there, maybe an Asado? The local kayakers need to organize and talk to the Quilmes Yacht Club, please. Please spread the word!

I hope I will not be that late I will only cross from Uruguay on May 1st…in any case, then I will arrive late afternoon there with some welcome back in Argentine!

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Well, I will try to contact the authorities of Quilmes Yacht Club and program this Party!! (With Asado, wine and authentic Argentine beer).

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