Mon 01/10-2012 Day 285

The condors (vultures) besides the pool were waiting for us...?

Pos: here
Loc: Antofagasta
Acc: Pedro’s and Vicky’s house
Dist: 0 km

Estimated landing: Isla Santa Maria
Estimated starting time: Right after sunrise
Estimated landing time: Well before sunset

We finished our usual city chores, had another ride into town for shopping a few items, and are now again ready to go! Sorry I’m not writing much, too much trip city stress…

We thanks our nice and helpful hosts Pedro with his wife Vicky and their friend Juan for getting everything on the way, especially the shipping of a few ordered things to the right estimated addresses.

The fore cast for tomorrow is quite windy with up to 15 knots and 3,5 m swells, but we are confident to go. If it looks too rough to go around the southern headland of the peninsula, we’ll just cross the bay and stay on the south eastern corner! All good.

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randall lackey

Its good that you’ve been able to arrange to stay with nice people in the different towns that you stop off in.Be careful paddling tomorow in such windy conditions. Randall Lackey

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