Mon 02/03-2015 Day 797

I love the exciting paddle through arches...


trip days left: 61
distance left: 1300,5 km
Highlights: I didn’t get stuck in the mud
Lowlights: I could start only late
Launch: River beach
Landing: River beach
Pos: here
Loc: across Barra do Sul
Acc: tent
Dist: 38,4 km
Start: 8:45 End: 16:10

With one week delay, I switched eventually back to Brazilian wintertime one hour earlier…but I still started three hours later than I am used to due to match the high tide at the small portage over the motorway. I did well doing so, as now I had not really to worry to get stuck anywhere. But it was occasionally very shallow here and there! The tiny muddy landing corner had higher water than on yesterday’s visit and was fortunately not smelly like then. Still I was crawling over the bow to hit some durable surface to step on and to haul the kayak out of the water to unload.

Once all bagged and on the side of the highway, I spotted the very same man we were talking to yesterday and asked him to help me carrying the kayak over the fast driving lanes.All easy, I doubt he recognized me from yesterday, not being very talkative anyway. Muito obrigagdo!

Many seabirds flying over the bay of Sao Francisco


The birds are eventually resting on the trees

The other side of the interrupted river had deeply tanned water from some rivers flowing in, but was basically also shallow at times. Well, if you stay in the main channel as I was originally planning it would have been probably better…!I am just tempted to explore shortcuts which are not very useful in this area. But all enough water, just about 🙂

I landed at the wild beach across the small city at the river mouth for the night’s camp, and had first a curious peep from the top of the dunes into the actual outflow of the river into the sea. Some confused waves on shallow sand banks in the entrance, but if I’d stay close to the right breakwater, it should be easy going out. Nothing serious. Nothing like I had experienced on the entrance of the Mar Pequeno…

My camp at the exit of the river de Sao Francisco do Sul