Mon 03/03-2014 Day 613

Marabus on the tidal flat


Necessary rest for body and observing Pororoca
Pos: here
Loc: Punto do Congo
Acc: hammock

Light came, and first thing was surely for me to inspect my surrounding. Where was I? South of the light house, surely. My first looks also went for my missing sandal, as the deeper pool where I lost it wasn’t far away, but no chance…

I texted Peter about my new situation and my thoughts. He eventually found some obviously correct information online about it, that it would occur “up to three days every 12.50 hrs before and after new and full moon!”, and it was the morning of the second day after, new moon was on Saturday morning…I’d stay here for at least a day and watch the Pororoca developing.

I found a reasonable hammock spot about hundred meters to the south, dragged my kayak and gear to the forest and made a reasonable safe feeling camp. Somehow I was mistaking the 12,50 hrs wrong in my brain, and though the Pororoca then may be again tonight only, not this morning also…but I just about got gear and kayak off the beach into the safe feeling forest spot in time when the horrible growling sound was starting over again… it takes about half an hour until it is here after you hear it. I tied my kayak to some trees, just in case, got all gear back inside, and was waiting for the unavoidable. But in the slightly higher forest spot the water just came calmly running up for a few centimetres, then it was done. The wave and current outside though looked horrible with the whipped up water and logs… thank goodness I was safe! I tied up my hammock, had breakfast and wished nothing more than to get somehow horizontal and some rest for my worn body and mind!

I couldn’t sleep much during the day, but dry and safe rest was feeling so good! I had another tuna salad tin and some potato chips for dinner, nothing cooked in the bugs out there, and night fell and I fell asleep. Did I hear another Pororoca around 9.30 pm? Not sure, sure the running up tide makes some noise anyhow but my mark on the sand inside my forest camp was untouched next morning.

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Randall Lackey

Mostly just glad you are safe and off the water. Sure the hammock wasn’t ideal, but better than riding it out in the kayak.Wishing fair weather and calm seas soon

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