Mon 04/03-2013 Day 412

Some wooly tree seed


Pos: here
Loc: Gajuala
Acc: tent
Dist: 00 km
Start: 0:00 End: 00:00

Tomorrow’s estimated landing: Isla San Telmo

Yesterday’s wind already created white caps on the sea, and I was happy to have a rest day. Today’s north wind was even stronger, it blew almost all day sand through my fly screen, that I couldn’t even enjoy the fresh breeze. White caps all over out there, and my two fishing boats went away, as the shelter of this bay was obviously not good enough for anchoring on north winds.

Two fat hermit crabs hide in their shells


I went once to the river puddles for a shower and picking some fresh washing water for the next days, but already walking back I was covered in sweat in the hot wind. I saw a monkey disappearing in the forest, and was hoping that they haven’t broken into my tent meanwhile, searching for food. But all good. Just hundreds of crabs around as usual, they are so noisy at night!

Besides that, I was only reading and fiddling with my gear. The forecast for tomorrow is still north wind, but moderate to low. Hope it won’t be too much of a slog paddling those 50 km to Isla Telmo!

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Randall Lackey

Too bad the blowing wind and sand had to interfear with your off day. Maybe it will subside some tommoeow for paddling. Nothing like slogging into a hard blowwing wind all day.Safe paddling.


It is that same north wind that is cooling the air in the everglades!
What an amazing planet we live on. We are constantly in a play with the elements. We adjust to the temperature. (sometimes)
Have a good paddle tomorrow.


Hello Freya.
It seems you’ll be arriving Pma City very soon. There are winds coming back again this weekend but not as heavy as the weekend before.

I’m a kayaker from Panama and want to give you my respect for what you do. Inspiration is the word that comes to my mind when I think about your trip.

Me and a fellow kayaker friend are willing to help you with what you may need while crossing Panama. We’re afraid that the Panama Canal Administration won’t let you cross the canal. Months ago a kayaker paddle all along the caribbean coast from venezuela to Panama and couldn’t get the permit ( It seems that with the canal expansion things are getting though. Anyways, try your best.

In case you couldn’t make the canal crossing, don’t hesitate to contact us. We might take you to the river that feeds the canal. We go paddling there whenever we only want to paddle a few hours. At least that could count as a partial crossing 🙂

Keep it up Freya

This is my eml:
Cell phone (507) 6618-3120

Frances Price

At the other end of the Canal, several huge ships have been grounded by wind and waves. I was wondering when that weather would affect the area you are in. Stay safe, Freya.

wenn du hier bei windstärke 8 heute und eiseskälte paddeln würdest, hättest du auch keinen spass. es wäre interressant zu erfahren ,wie deine pläne für den kanal sind. hab schon mal die webcam rausgesucht. alles gute und mach weiter so!

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