Mon 04/12-2014 Day 709

A really cute little 'Superman' baking sand cakes on the beach


Highlights: I found my “Superman”
Lowlights: nothing really…
Launch: sheltered river beach
Landing: sheltered river beach
Pos: here
Loc: Pontal de Maracaipe
Acc: tent
Dist: 40,2 km
Start: 4:50 End: 13:55

Being now again on the -8th latidude makes the sun actually raising half an hour earlier, I could get up at 3.30 am and be on the water at 4.30 am.Will do tomorrow! Wind and seas are just the lowest in the morning. I got an undisturbed sleep despite being so close to the city and a bunch of fishing boats stopping on my beach for doing whatever. It is still the heat putting me low on energy all day, as my appetite is also low. But I do eat what I can and need. Still I don’t mind losing a few kilos more 🙂

It was quite often this morning gray and drizzling, at least the sun is gone then. Somehow I had the vision of this section paddling all the time behind a reef shelter on a millpond on crystal clear water, sure this will be the least time this way. I got out of the bumpy river mouth catching some waves, still with the shark option on my mind.I could see the frequent large signs on the beach until the first big rocky headland, but no triangle fin nowhere. Doesn’t mean they are not there…

Many big and some huge reef turtles were the only animals I could make out on the water,the larger the creature the slower it is diving once spotted. Cute guys! The large port brefore Rio Ipujuca was an ugly artificial rock wall hook with 4 fat ships offshore waiting and 8 or more big guys inside. Sure when I came closer two tugboats started to get in position to drag out one of the big bastards, but I was behind the wall in time. Quite big seas all the time, but nothing breaking.

The reef breaks of the next two points were more to look at, I just stayed out and away. My goal was the small Ilhado Santo Aleixo, but when I came across a beautiful river mouth I haven’t even marked on my GPS, I decided to call it a day after 40 km of quite big seas in mostly side wind from moderate to low. My energy level said it is enough, and the next wide head land to pass showed an hour before high tide big breakers all along. I will sneak along there tomorrow early morning on the outgoing tide.

This river mouth beach had some business with renting out SUP, sit on top kayaks, jet ski tow on various inflatable devices and water ski. As there were only a handful of tourists here, business was going slow, just the jet ski tow was running when I came in.They ferry the people over on manually with a long stick operated floats with some plastic chairs, so it will always be a small beach spot only, but very beautiful! No one was bothering me on camping, no one was curious about my kayak. Good, I like my privacy at night. I went for a short beach walk, despite the sun was not really there, my energy is so low due to heat and few food I rather lay down. I found a cute little “Superman”, an about two year old boy in a blue bathing suit with the red “S” and with a red cloth waving behind him digging on serious business sand castles. When you get to grandma age, you find probably more pleasure watching the small boy than the grown up ones 🙂

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Randall Lackey

Good info for Freya,Andre.Glad to read you’ve had a nice da freya and hope the winds and tide stay in your favor,Grandma.don’t feel bad, I’m a grandpa of four, and one nearly here.Safe paddling.

Ty Berry

Grandma age that’s funny but true , now the land gods as well as the sea gods all love you .

Hi Freya, I’ve been following you on your blog since you left from Argentina, I’m Andre Soares from Maceio. You are about to reach the state of Alagoas, first city next to the north border is Maragogi. I’m not sure when you’ll reach Maragogi, but I suppose next week you’ll be there. Be aware that during the low tide you’ll not be able to paddle along the inner side of the reefs, sand banks spread from the shoreline to the reefs, maybe just a narrow channel to paddle along, with no exit points when approaching the city of Japaratinga.
A neap tide is coming next week, hopefully you will not have to take the outside and will paddle in mellow waters. Good luck!

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