Mon 05/01-2015 Day 741

This paraglider's butt is rotating heavily to keep him up in the air


Highlights: Found an easy shopping place!
Lowlights: found just three small bars of white chocolate…
Launch: Fat dumper waves
Landing: Reef sheltered beach
Pos: here
Loc: village behind sand spit
Acc: tent
Dist: 46,7 km
Start: 5:15 End: 15:45

It is my son Helge’s birthday today…last year I was home to celebrate his 18th, this year I have only the satellite phone to congratulate my young man…in mom’s dreams he is still my little boy. Missing home a lot…

It was a nice paddle around many rocky reefs today,at least a bit of entertainment!None of them I could paddle inside, as low tide was during the day. And I had to launch through a fat dumper wave developing on high tide on this beach upfront the cliffs. It is looking more scary than it actually is, but it is also a bit of Russian roulette, as you have only one chance during some low wave to do it right. If you catch the wave wrong, it is throwing you probably ugly back to the steep beach and fills your kayak with water. I had the patience to wait for the right moment.

Outside the reefs, it is always turtle party, it must be the best feeding ground for them there. Sometimes I see 4 o 5 beauties at the same spot. A few slow dolphins, as I saw yesterday, and actually I also spotted amazingly a jumping sting ray!

There was one more of those long jutting out sand spits to paddle around, and after this spit was one lovely village with few tourists,and some small convenience shops almost right on the beach. Landing was calm, I was stopping right besides a small kayak rental,and hoped no one got the idea to try to rent mine while I was “in town”. It was an old style village with four! tiny food shops almost right besides each other, with not much more than a counter. One had some fresh fruit, and I was diving into a whole sack of good quality maracujas and filled up my empty day hatch. Some carrots, bananas and two lonely apples filled the vitamine store up again. I was fully out of fruit, and I really feel I need fruits on my trip. No oats available for breakfast, only this kiddy oatmeal mixture which I eventually bought and mixed up with the rest of my “real” oats. Will do until the next BIG shopping in a real supermarket. Some noodles, spaghettis and bagged veggies plus good quality mineral water completed my purchase. The last two water fillings were “agua potable”, but tasted not really great. I was glad to have just enough cash left to pay the bills!

I packed everything in, and probably should just have stayed on the spot in the small village beach and ask the shop owners to recharge my electronics, but besides the cell phone batteries which are quite short for internet I should get along. No GPS batteries though, only those cheap non alkaline batteries which had already killed one GPS, I will need to go on “batterie save” mode for a while.At least I learned not to buy those…

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Randall Lackey

Good to read on the food refill.Glad to read you got to wish your son a Happy birthday. Is he taking after you some? in your love for the outdoors and exploration,and kayaking?Batteries are heavy. I carry too many often. hopefully I’ll get a solar charger before my next trip and be able to cut back some on that dead weight, when I don’t use as many as I carry,plus be able to have fewwer due to them being rechargable. Take care. Safe paddling


Happy Birthday to your son Helge.
Sounds like a god day, fruit, dolphins, turtles and your sons BD.
You are moving along before you know it you will be at home. Remember to smile, breath and be present.

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