Mon 12/09-2011 Day 14

My Mar del Plata hosts Alberto and Dolores - THANK YOU both! You are lovely hosts!

Pos: here
Loc: Mar del Plata
Acc: Alberto’s house
Dist: 25 km
Start: 7:45 End: 14:30

Fighted hard against the wind again…first “only” 15 kn headwinds,
then breezing up to 20 kn, and gusting first more, until it was a
constant 25 kn…and the sea was white again. At least some change
in the coastline – some cliffs were showing up. No Prefectura boat to
be seen today… 🙂

I was 8 km short of the Corrientes beach, but had to call it a day.

Right before I landed on a northern beach of Mar del Plata, I was
passing one of the most ugly cloacal plant outlets into the sea I have
ever paddled through. The water was literally liquid shit with all
forms of human waste getting flushed through the toilet – unbelievable
that such a thing still exists in a civilized world! I had strong
headwinds, so it took a while to get through the area…bandana up the
nose, and don’t look too carefully…and make sure the water is not
spraying up the boat or even myself too much…yucky!
Wish the winds change to a strong northerly – then people in Mar del
Plata get back on their nice beaches what they deliver into the sea

I got picked up by Dolores Urdampillata and her friend Alberto – good
to see friends looking after me! Thanks very much! I’m staying now in
Alberto’s house, but Dolores is still here to help me with lots of
things, as she is the one who speaks the perfect English…
First I was putting Alberto’s backyard under water rinsing all my
gear – it was necessary! Then my own shower, washing machine, charging
electronics, weather forecast, contacts along the coast, google earth
checking…and so on.
Tomorrow I’ll be shopping for food, and pay the local Prefectura a
promised vist!

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Tom Forbes

Good point Chuck. I tried to find the place on Google earth, but unable to so far.


This day’s post ought to be spread all over the World … because that was “normal” for sewage treatment in the USA and nearly everywhere else only 40-50 years ago! Hard to believe it now, but that’s the way things were until the big environmental clean up measures were taken beginning in the 1960s & 70s. Expensive, but definitely worth it! Thanks for reminding us, Freya!

Felicitaciones y bienvenida a Mar del Plata, cuantos dias vas a estar en la ciudad? vas a dar alguna clinica, charla o encontrarte con algun grupo de kayakistas? Me gustaria acompañarte algunos Km con un amigo.

Meike Michalik

Gute Erholung, hast du verdient.
Verbringe einen schönen Tag und Abend
liebe Grüsse Meike

Thomas Hahndorf

Hi Freya,
hope you have a nice calmly day and have time for photo and video uploads.
See you

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