Mon 12/11-2012 Day 327

Camp at a small beach shed at Campo Alegre

Pos: here
Loc: Campo Alegre
Acc: tent
Dist: 40,1 km
Start: 6:50 End: 15:15

Estimated landing: Cerro Azul
Estimated starting time: Right after sunrise
Estimated landing time: Well before sunset

We just were asleep for way more than an hour, as at 9.30 pm I heard a car on top of the cliffs, people walking around and talking, and some strong flash light was shining bright on (and obviously also *inside*!!!) our tent, and surely woke me up fully. I heard a car door, and it drove away again.

Five minutes later, another car (or the same one???) came again, and I saw four people standing on top of the cliffs, shining again a strong flash light on our tent, and they were talking noisily. Some late visitors??? Guys, who ever you were, we are asleep shortly after sunset!!! Please note! We have usually a very hard paddling day behind us and are not really up for a party at night! Sorry…

I really felt like a strange nocturnal animal in a well lit zoo, being discussed about if to wake it up fully or to leave it…but we both were already straight upright and fully awake. Thank you.

We went back to sleep, but it took a while…and at 11 pm, another car came on top of the cliffs, the same strong flashlight for a while which woke me again, and I just heard some loud voice saying:” I just wanted to say “hello” ” even in English…thanks for waking me again at 11 pm…and actually f… you, whoever you were! We need our sleep at night!

You think this was it? At 2 pm, the same game, this time at least without noisy voices, just the strong light. Yes, I was very annoyed and had obviously not a great night’s sleep after a 65 km paddling day. Who and why did they play this useless game in the middle of a nature reserve???

We were planning to sleep in anyway, as today’s paddle would be a shorter 40 km day only. So the extra hour in the morning was very welcome after this disturbed night…

Some slimy algeas with long strings

It was a thick foggy morning with no wind at all, and we cut across Bahia Pisco via GPS only. Dead calm swell, dead calm wind until maybe 11 am. It breezed and cleared up a little once we reached the shore around Rio Pisco, and we felt we arrived in just another world!

It was a low sandy beach coast now, with no cliffs any more, many green trees, no swell, no or a tiny surf only…we could land just any where!!! It almost felt like the Baltic Sea at home! We really enjoyed the new situation, and paddled close to the coast, along with many dolphins!

We wanted to land surely before the easy landing would change into an ugly surf again, and we liked to camp still in an area with now houses. But this includes we needed to paddle that far the surf seemed to turn already ugly, and then we simply paddled back one or two km to were it changed…no problem! The ugly surf area actually was just a more shallow clapotis effect, with the swell lifting a bit and splashing a lot on the beach on the back surge.

A real river with real water at Campo Allegre!!!

Our landing spot was behind some greenish agricultural area with a lonely natural beach umbrella, and we really enjoyed a bit of afternoon rest. Three more long paddling days, and we’ll arrive in Lima at Playa de Pescadores, around 4-5 pm!

2 comments on “Mon 12/11-2012 Day 327

Manuel Rivadeneira

Im sorry you could not sleep well, but it was not us (the coast guards)we were only on board of the patrol vessel. Probably were the guards from the natural reserve. I hope you could rest well last night. safe paddling.

Randall Lackey

Gotta love the coast guards. Guarding your every…sleeping moment. glad you had a nice day and hopefully a restful undisturbed night.Safe Paddling.

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