Mon 12/12-2011 Day 105

Ale's and JP's kayaks ready to go on the floor. Alejandro, myself, Prefecto Gustavo Adrian Borrelli, Jefe Prefectura Rio Grande, Juan Pablo, Fabian

Pos: here
Loc: Rio Grande
Acc: Club Nautico
Dist: 0 km

Th day kept on going with finishing my repair jobs, all good and I can live with the state of the kit for the next weeks.

Alejandro and Juan Pablo weere really finishing their kayaks last night, working probably until 4 or 5 am…well! Now they need to do the packing job…

Prefecto Gustavo Adrian Borrelli, Jefe Prefectura Rio Grande stopped by and asked for our paddling plans, as I already had a quickly made ready permit for going around staten Island as well. Thanks! But we are not paddling together and Ale and JP will do it themselves.

The guys were planning to leave today for Ushuaia, but their transport didn’t arrive in time, and they’ll leave tomorrow as well.

I did pack my food, finished jobs here and there, and then really – I made it first time since 103 days to the hairdresser! Paulina was a solid Argentine lady, a bit rougher and tougher than I experienced so far the German hairdressers  and almost wall-painting my plenty of grey hair, but the result was really perfect, inclusive cutting and moisturizing my sun and saltwater damaged hair! And not a single black stripe due to a magic skin protection cream 🙂

Glad the TV crew came after the grey’s were gone! 🙂

So all kit and body is made over already in Rio Grande, ready to tackle Cape Horn! I’ll leave tomorrow with quite some offshore winds, but then there is a spell of almost five days of reasonable low winds! Magic…I’ll be round the south east corner in no time and paddling into the Beagle Channel!

Chile, I’m coming!

6 comments on “Mon 12/12-2011 Day 105

Liebe Freya,

wir wünschen Dir viel Glück und immer eine handbreit Wasser

unterm Kiel, Kap-Horn packst Du drücken Dir die Daumen!

Liebe Grüße von der stürmischen Ostsee….


Wolfgang Runge

Liebe Freya Hoffmeister,
ich wünsche Ihnen aureichend Kraft für ein erfolgreiches Umrunden des stürmischen Kap-Horns: Und dazu möglichst gutes Wetter und eine helfende Strömung.

Ganz liebe Grüße aus fernen Nordfriesland

Don Hebel

Hope you are well rested and prepared for your rounding of the Horn! God speed your way and keep you safe. Good wishes also to your friends who are to embark on their own expedition. Our love to you, Freya!

Meike Michalik

viel Erfolg und gutes Gelingen 🙂

Linyera und Fabian wünschen dir auch weiterhin Erfolg und sind begeistert wie du alles löst. Fabian hat sich gefreut ein paar Tage mit dir verbringen zu können.

Hoffe der Wettergott ist dir gnädig gestimmt ist

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