Mon 15/10-2012 Day 299

Petroglyfos of Montes Pintado

Pos: here
Loc: Yacht Club Iquique
Acc: Robert und Monica’s home
Dist: 0 km

Estimated landing: headland behind Caleta Buena
Estimated starting time: Right after sunrise
Estimated landing time: Well before sunset

After this morning’s online session, Robert was happy to take us on a short inland drive up the mountains. It was good to see Iquique from the top, watching a few hang gliders starting and flying around, and then driving past the top city Alto Hospicio further and further inland.

Petroglyfos of Montes Pintado

This about 700 m “Altiplano” mountain level was a real desert – rocks and sand only, and HOT! We were happy that Robert’s car had a well working climate control, it was probably over 35 degrees hot up here, no sea breeze any more…

Though there were a few dry trees and bushes here with long roots sucking the ground water. It almost looked like a forest at some places! But also a bone dry salt lake with some mineral diggings was visible.

Petroglyfos of Montes Pintado

After about an 50 km inland drive, we arrived at Monte Pintura, aptly named because of many, many huge old “paintings” on the rocks. They scraped the small black lose top rocks away, so that from the distance the probably
about up to 20-30 m wide “paintings” were visible. Nobody knows why and by whom those about 1500 years old artwork has been created…

Old graveyard at Monte Pintado

Also very interesting was an old grave yard out of the salpeter digging times.

Back to Iquique, we had a yummy sandwich lunch and checked on our kayaks, which were in meantime repaired by a qualified friend of Robert. Thanks very much! My field repair was not leaking, but as we did it quite fast with not much drying time for the kevlar fabric underneath and for the layers on top, it may not have lasted forever…

3 comments on “Mon 15/10-2012 Day 299

Richard Mason

Thanks for the post–a real geography lesson can be gained by following your journey up the coast.
It’s something that school children could benefit from by following your blog and watching your progress with the use of google earth –safari and the like.
In fact I should mention it to some teacher friends of mine.
Very interesting , thank you.

randall lackey

Nice pictures of the area.Good that you got to see some of it.Glad to hear you have the kayaks being repaired and youll be on your way again safe and dry.Safe paddling.


toll, dass Ihr etwas vom ” Hinterland” gesehen habt. Die Bilder sind wunderschön und man kann sich die Hitze gut vorstellen 🙂 Weiterhin alles Gute

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