Mon 17/02-2014 Day 599

I am getting used to this style of camp, at least some easy landing on high tide at night. Just paddle into the flooded forest, find your trees and some solid ground on the roots under water to walk on


Another great hammock site after a headland
Pos: here
Loc: behind Punta do Costa
Acc: hammock
Dist: 43,4 km
Start: 7:00 End: 17:55

I was waiting for light to glide into the again waist deep flooded camp site spot, yuck! But as there were few bugs again, it could be worse. I just had to carefully position my steps, as there were not that many mangrove roots on the muddy ground. No easy job to pack dry!

The first thing I did after paddling out of my again waist deep flooded camp site inside the dense forest was to send off my missing position message from last night. Thonight night I will send before entering the forest!

I had to paddle today again wide out to get off the shallow muddy water on low tide, out, just out here! But how much out do I need to paddle to not get stuck on lowest tide? No idea. Today I didn’t care, and soon I was sitting dry for 1 1/2 on the mud. I took the time to take long overdue trip notes, as I couldn’t operate my computer for updates inside the hammock, and had a bit of a nap.

The first notable “Point” came on my chart, and I noticed a raise in the surf. This may be already a sign for more solid ground to come! But also there was no access of the forest shore with that surf, and I was hoping for some shelter behind the Punta do Costa. I had to look behind me to discover the perfect open calm sheltered forest entry just behind the point! Again I could simply paddle to my hammock trees, this time with a bunch of solid mangrove roots on the muddy ground to step on to do my jobs. I was late enough that my kayak was barely flooding up, and my dinner on top of my kayak out of the tin was staying inside me.

This time I just made the mistake to strap the tarp not solid enough, it was flapping noisily and I had to get out again into the shallow water to fix it. Still I put earplugs in for a calm, sound sleep.