Mon 19/09-2011 Day 21

Claromeco lighthouse

Pos: here
Loc: before Faro Claromeco
Acc: tent
Dist: 45 km
Start: 7:15 End: 17:30

One of those “keep on going” days…not much to say after that highlight day yesterday!
Tough launch through quite some wet surf, jumped twice just over the crest of a high breaker down on the other side with a huge crash. Just about…

Only one car out there on a Monday morning, and even three whales only today…the first guy must have been a solo young man, splashing his fins as loud as a canon shot, probably to attract some solo women…and me. But I paddled past, also past that a bit far out couple…nothing which could top yesterday so far.

Headwinds developed pretty soon, not too strong, but annoyingly slowing me down to 4-5 km/h. Lunchtime was a lull, then light breeze headwinds where I could make good a bit what I lost the morning. Still barely 45 km only…but I refuse landing with last light, in these fresh temperatures with a dry suit on you want a bit of sunlight on to enjoy making camp. It’s different to paddling in a warm climate, there you don’t care and can paddle until dusk and make better progress. I have to get used to the shorter distance paddled here…will all be different again on leg 2 and three! 🙂

Easy landing through some baby surf, dragged the boat up on low tide quite a distance, fiddled around here and there and will sleep soon.

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Estimada Freya, sigo con interés tus narraciones, que son divertidas y vividas. Sin embargo, se por experiencia la agotador, y extenuante tanto física como espiritualmente que es remar y remar y remar… Sola, sin mas compañía que tu Kayak, y el mar !!te deseo lo mejor en esta durisima empresa que haz comenzado!! Quizás nos veamos en tu ultima pierna en Uruguay!! Go Freya go!!

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