Mon 19/11-2012 Day 334

Pos: here
Loc: Punta Hermosa
Acc: Hotel Ariosto in Lima
Dist: 0 km

Again no paddling tomorrow… 🙁

Sorry I need to write Peter is still not fit enough to start over again tomorrow…one more rest day for him!

I’m using my time reasonably with preparing my next section of my trip. A lot of e-mailing to possible contacts, embassies, authorities, reading information and picking out what you like to believe…

I was also visiting the German embassy today, for getting some more help from Alexander and a nice guy from the Militärattaché office regarding the next countries. Thanks a lot!

I also sold Peter’s kayak at the end of his trip section in the northern end of Peru to Marco, a happy local guy from Punta Hermosa: Marco will also help us to get to the Piura airport once we finished this section of the trip for my short 3-weeks x-mas break while picking his “new” kayak up then. All good!

Peter managed to join me on the big food shopping for the last weeks, but then he felt too weak to be able to already continue tomorrow. But unlike around Australia I’m on this trip not on a “race” – I’m rather aiming for a landing on the spot in Buenos Aires on 1oth of May 2014…my 50th birthday!!! 🙂 So despite I still like to keep a reasonable pace, one more or less day’s rest doesn’t matter right *now*.  Peter getting healthy is more important!

2 comments on “Mon 19/11-2012 Day 334

Randall Lackey

I wasn’t sure if Peter was continuing on with you on the trip, but am glad to hear you will continue to have a paddling partner and hopefully some help in keeping you safe, if it should ever come to big dangers or bad guys.Hope he recovers well and the two of you are on your way soon.I certainly hope you don’t take this bad, but please don’t leave Christ out of Christmas,in any way,but for your blog its 9 letters instead of 5.Take care and rest well for the long days ahead. Randall

Frances Price

Glad to hear that Peter was able to accompany you for the food shopping. Sorry he’s still feeling poorly, but at least you’re using your time well and wisely.

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