Mon 20/04-2015 Day 846

Some working ship close to Montevideo


trip days left: 13
straight distance left: 157,24 km
Highlights: Great speed!
Pos: here
Loc: before Ordeig
Acc: tent
Dist: 60,1 km
Start: 7:30 End: 17:20

I was a bit hesitating this morning to go at all, it was again the dreaded SE wind fore casted. But “only” 11-15 knots – I stopped paddling on Wednesday with well over 20 knots SE…I knew I had first to round the long jutting Punta Carretas going south against the wind, and then I would have rocky shores and rocky harbor walls until well after the harbor with reflecting waves. Shall I go? Well, as fortunately no escort paddlers were showing up as planned- they all became suddenly sick, thank goodness – 🙂 I could risk going by myself. With some unknown paddlers I would not have gone to paddle this exposed stretch today. Nothing for beginners in these SE wind conditions…!

The night watch man was helping me to get my kayak out of the locked shed, and I packed with no one being around. The 7 km down to the point were rough, but despite headwind quite fast. Then until the harbor exit it was rough and with big reflecting waves, but nothing really dangerous. The very fast ferry boat from Buenos Aires passed thank goodness well behind me into the harbor. That is quite a scary ship!

Along the next four long headlands, I was paddling quite offshore, as the water was very confused here with many shallow rocks. I also noticed this was the endpoint of the salt water. The current was since Punta Carretas absolutely great with me, I assume this eddy had something to do with the salt water end, as here are not really tides any more. My great speed did not come only from the good following wind now going NW! 7-8km/h were no problem for very long, only about 3-4 km before I finished crossing the wide river mouth with the Isla de la Tigre the good speed current finished. Still I had the wind pushing on now relatively calm seas. All fun sophisticated paddling today!


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