Mon 21/01-2013 Day 370

The Navy crew with Andrés greeting me at PuntaSalinas

Pos: here
Loc: Navy Punta Salinas
Acc: tent
Dist: 52,7 km
Start: 6:30 End: 17:20

Estimated landing: Somewhere about 50-60 km up the coast!

A good rest gives me fresh spirit to go! There was an electricity break down in the village just when I wanted to get up – for me no problem with my headlamp handy, but I rather had to wait another half an hour for my helpers to be able to get going!

Lighthouse at the long spit before Salinas

The paddle was easier than two days ago, although some headwind also developed in the afternoon. But I had the goal to round the spit, which looked like a nice place! My Navy guys stayed reasonable invisible today, still for tomorrow I said clearly I don’t want and need a boat following me! Later in Colombia…

Ugly Salinas skyline...the only one I saw so far in Ecuador

Tonight I arrived on a perfect sheltered beach just around the headland which was all occupied by the Armada de Ecuador. The many many ugly high rise buildings of the fancy Salinas city sea bath started about a kilometer down the beach, but in front it was all owned by the Navy! The best headland spot!

I got greeted by Andres and the local Teniente, and I suggested I’d just put up my tent here on this perfect quiet clean beach! Agreed…all better than carrying my gear and boat to a room somewhere. And I can camp on a beach by myself again! Watched by the guard on the bridge…not too bad. A shower in reach, all good. And probably less noisy when the military exercising with shouting and singing out of many many young male throats stops…

I was just making camp, when I heard some guys shouting my name…where from? Two double surfski-like kayaks with four (almost) naked men came just to land on my beach! Fabricio, the teacher, was following me for a while online and was quite amazed to see me now in person! He was building those nice surfski kayaks himself, and later I saw the Navy boat house – with quite an amount of good Wilderness plastic sea kayaks, some Chinese surf skis, and the self made doubles and singles including a bunch of self made wing paddles…not bad for Ecuador! But all Navy, nothing private. They are having some competitions also!
Sorry I refused the dinner invitation, but after 50+ km I’m just tired…

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Randall Lackey

Awe; you should have had dinner with the almost naked guys.Just kidding. I understand being tired after a days paddling.Glad to hear you enjoyed the day more to yourself snd found a nice camp for a good rest.Safe paddling.

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