Tue 30/12-2014 Day 735

Camp before Ilheus


Highlights: Feeling fit again
Lowlights: Landed too early
Launch: Low surf
Landing: Low to moderate surf
Pos: here
Loc: before Ilheus
Acc: tent
Dist: 50,0 km
Start: 4:55 End: 13:35

I could start over well rested and newly motivated today, as the first ten kilometer were nice to paddle anyway along rocky cliffs, with some nice sandy bays in between. Something else to see and to experience than endless beaches and palm trees! I like the sea breaking on cliffs,although landing is impossible, I prefer it much more than to watch the never ending surf on a sandy beach. You can paddle pretty close, and those small bays, despite not being sheltered, looked all possible to land on this low sea this morning. They are all mostly occupied by umbrellas and sun chairs, nothing really remote. Still nice!

The wind pushed me slowly but surely along, and I made good progress in good spirits. I checked the distance on my GPS from the Ilheus river mouth out to the spit of the harbor breakwater wall, and somehow I was reading it would be 10 km…so when I was 10 km away from it as the bird flies, I guessed why paddling into the calm river mouth, not knowing if the nice looking beach would not also be occupied by umbrellas, and tomorrow doing the 10 km crossing to the breakwater spit? I can also land just here on the open beach, the surf looks low…

My mistake was that the distance river mouth – breakwater spit was not 10, but only 3 km, and that I easily could have paddled on for a while, maybe landing somewhere before the houses start,if I didn’t want to go into the river. So I am saving only 3 km going direct tomorrow, but I rather would have been paddling today for 5-7 km more. My problem…but I had my 50 km full, although in these good conditions I could better make 55 to 60km. Landing was all right, going diagonal in in low to moderate surf and avoiding all breakers. Tomorrow morning on lowest tide and with no wind the launch should be quite calm.

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Randall Lackey

Wonderful that you enjoyed your day with the winds to your back.Rest well. Safe Paddling.

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