My new “Freya” kayaks ready to ship from China to Chile!

The new "Freya" by Point 65 with Dragon Boats in China

Last week I was in China for the second time this year – now the “Freya” went into production, and I could pick the two kayaks I’d be using myself for the next leg of my trip.

The new "Freya" by Point 65

It was quite exciting to see how my prototype changes and details had been eventually realized on the production model – I was glad that no mayor changes needed to be done! Sure here and there I had my corrections and hints what to improve, but this was my job on being there! Eventually I was fully content with the final product and happy and excited to have my own “Freya” boat!!! It will be on the market for you to buy in 2013.

The new "Freya" by Point 65 - thanks to the Chinese worker team!

All in all, Tomas Öhman, co-owner of Point 65, with his Chinese factory manager Michael and Chinese assistant Young did a great job to organize the big diligent Chinese worker’s team. In between my visits, they had even moved the factory to a new location! Thanks a lot to the team!

It was hot and humid in China at that time, and honestly I felt quite happy in an air conditioned room or at least in front of a ventilator!

The new "Freya" by Point 65

We eventually drove to the Chinese National Water Sport Center for taking a bunch of pictures of the final product – here are a few more! I felt like being right at an Olympic venue 🙂 – perfect test environment for the “Olympic champion” in sea kayak expeditions during Olympic times!

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Never mind what boat (although a good one helps), but you guys are doing the paddling, navigating, organising, so good luck to you all from sunny Spain. (That’s how far you need to go to get good weather from UK)


Can you say more about the design qualities you were looking for? Just very curious though I know you have a lot to do!

Thanks for the kind words Freya!
It was pretty intense, and we worked late into the night, including the weekend (Freya too). It was great getting your incredible experience on long distance paddling into every little detail of the kayak. At the end we were greatly rewarded in seeing your big smile after paddling both kayaks!
We’re all looking forward to following you and Peter (and the boats) on your continued expedition!
/tomas ohman – Point 65 Kayaks

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