Pool session Friday night

Running a pool demo with about 50 visitors

Flying back home from Sao Paulo/ Brasil, Alejandro was picking me from the airport on Friday at 5.30 pm. Luckily I got enough sleep the night before (no party for me…) and slept on the plane.

Pool demo Friday night

There was a pool session planned Friday night, starting at 9pm! This sounded already late to me, but for sure we were there at 9pm Argentine time – this means actually 10 pm.

Pool demo Friday night

I still have a hard time to get used to the South American habit of being *very* late for anything, and having activities so late in the night! But when we were finished at 1.30 am, kids were still playing games in the close by basketball field! Well…

They all wanted to see and touch my kayak!

About 50 keen local kayakers were greeting me outside the pool entrance with about the same amount of small cameras and camera cellphones – thanks for the interest! My own camera took only those two pics above, until I got too busy…sorry.

My kayak got displayed, and 100 hands were touching it everywhere. Nice to be a kayak…

I tried a reasonable low volume looking polo boat for a rolling demo, but my hip bones were too wide…or was it the fat butt? So I had to take what I had, and first took a local kayak with a resonable low back deck and fit for my rolling demo. I got even the (almost) one and only Greenland paddle in Argentine to play with, made by Ricardo from SDK kayaks.

But the palyful session started with an emberrassing bailing out, as I was neither fitting well in the boat, nor I was used to the relatively heavy wooden Greenland paddle…oh well…

Next tries I did a reasonable performance on a bunch of techniques and tricks, and soon swapped to my own epic 18x sport kayak with my beloved small midsize full carbon wing paddle, to demonstrate the forward stroke technique, and that there is no problem rolling with a wing and even without locked knees, if it happens…

The show eventually changed rather to a question and answering session about my whole kayaking life in general and Australia especially, and I was glad the water and the pool was nice and warm, answering questions for hours being wet sitting inside the kayak afloat. And for sure, everything I said in Englesh needed to be translated into Spanish!

The old trick...

A few people later tried my kayak, and showed off what they have got. Especially Agustina, a local talented 18-years old kayaking girl, showed quite some rolling skills with great feeling for the movement and water – she’d have loved to play with my Greenlandstyle kayaks!

Bedtime at 2.30am…yawn…not really my biorythm…

Guys, if there are some nice pictures out there (I’m sure there are thousands, plus videos…), please send them to me!

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It was an interesting session. I liked your different way of paddling and I respect your strength and determination in what you do. GOOD luck with your trip ! We will be following you from here. Thanks !

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