Ready to GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Test packing in Alejandro and Virginia's house

Last preparations lasted until late night as usual, and after a test packing in the living room I was falling into bed at 1.30am.

Back to the computer at 5.30am…oh, how am I looking forward to my first night out in the tent by myself with 8-9 hrs of solid rest, as I’m used to!

Yesterday late afternoon I eventually managed together with Peter Unold online in Denmark to set up my mobile phone internet – thank goodness again to a highly IT-skilled man!

Time to get going now!! The formal launch party is waiting…BIG BUZZ!

Alejandro and Juan Pablo will be joining me in the afternoon launch around 2 pm for a short 20 km paddle to Quilmes Yacht club. See if I can upload already pictures there…

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You’re more than the most famous Star in Hollywood in my book.
You don’t need advice…just know we’re all wishing you the best and looking forward to a glorious day at the finish.

Meike Michalik

Freya alles liebe und Gute aus Dänemark. Werden an Dich denken und immer mal wieder sehen was in deinem Blog steht.
Also toi toi toi , cuidate und eine handbreit Wasser unter dem Kiel
alles Liebe Meike

Rhys Evans

Good luck Freya. I’m really looking forward to following this adventure. Seems like I haven’t had a good storey to read since you arrived safely in Melbourne.

Doug Lloyd

Go brave lass, go…may your teutonic adroitness, your lithesome dexterity, and your voracious passion make the journey more meanignful that achieving the goal…

sergio riquelme

Que gran hazaña realizaras, te felicito, me gustaría que me informaras por favor ¿cuando estas pasando por las costas Chilenas?, seria bueno coordinar una bienvenida en la primera ciudad de Chile Arica, espero tus comentarios. Saludos


Freya! As you finally begin your next journey, I can tell you have visualized it’s successful completion already. I am excited to virtually follow along again. You are an incredible inspiration to me, and I look forward to reading of your adventures and someday meeting you again. Paddle Strong, and stay safe.


Hi Chuck, hi Jorg, nice to see you again for our virtual trip.
For James:
In Australia Freya’s fully laden kayak weighed in at 100KG, provisioned for about 2 – 3 weeks. I would imagine this is similar on this trip. That included drinking water. In this populated strip she’ll need to carry less of that, but when she gets to the deserted sections, it would be more. Ditto for food.
In Australia a heavier boat gave better stability in high waves, so it’s a trade off as conditions dictate.
Good luck amiga, buen viaje.

Indi inParadise

Mein Bruder Randy und ich wünsche Ihnen alles Gute! Herzliche Grüße aus unserem Paradies… den Bahamas. Sie sind immer herzlich willkommen bei uns … das Wasser hier ist ideal zum Kajakfahren!

Buddy Tickle

You shall see the Horizon joined with the love of Mother ocean, May the winds be Kind on Freya..

hallo freya,
Der grosse tag ist gekommen. nun ist es soweit. ich bin sicher, du kommst gut in schwung und und kommst gut voran. viel glück und stets
laue winde wünscht uwe

Laura Jager


I am so excited for you. What wonderful equiptment you have. I can’t wait to read about your South American adventure. You are an inspiration to me. Here’s hoping you get some more rest soon. Bon Voyage! Stay safe and God Speed.

Jörg Hofferbert

Liebe Freya,

möge der Wassergott Neptun Dich stets begleiten. Ich tue dies, indem ich wie beim down under wieder täglich auf der “the second continent” page bin.

Einen guten Start wünscht Dir

Jörg aus Darmstadt

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