Sat 01/03-2014 Day 611

Joking with the young girls from Sucuriju


Last day in Sucuriju
Pos: here
Loc: Sucuriju
Acc: room police station

I decided to leave tomorrow. The water level is surely still high, and high tide is at late night around 11 pm, very bad to look for a camp site in relaxing time. I may have to paddle at night. I may not, I don’t know, but assume dry camp sites to reach are hard to find. At least the wind forecast is very low for tomorrow, assuming it may also rain at least not too heavily, as there was quite a strong rainstorm this afternoon. The further I am getting into the Amazon river, the lower the wind and the more shelter.

The next village to reach is Chavez, maybe in 8-10 days, maybe more. Who knows? I don’t really like what is coming ahead, as I really can’t judge the current and the width of the strip close to shore where the current is low, I have to paddle against it. Worst case is that I have to wait the tide, or I may be stuck somewhere on a sand bank. Waves should be within limits, especially further down. All in all: I’d rather be home and having a flu and lying cozy in bed like my partner Peter! All the best wishes to get better anyway…

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Randall Lackey

Peter, I kinda felt that that was the case, of her not being able to see the comments often made,by myself and others.It is somewhat of an odd feeling posting to an unreplying person, but I and I think probaly the other frequent posters trust that she reads them when she can and knows we’re here supporting,concerned and enjoying her travels,trials and good times.She has our E-mails and is always welcome to reply back if she ever cares to.I don’t post on the facebook site often,mostly just here.Thanks for the info and all the support you are surely providing her.Randall

PeterUnold Post author

Randall, both Freya and I find your comments very supportive and comforting. Absolutely keep up if possible.

Somewhat unrelated but I think it’s worth mentioning again. Freya’s email communication is one-way only in areas without cell phone coverage. Meaning she currently has no way of receiving emails(including comments) while on the go. Compact satellite communication equipments certainly still have its limitations.

Randall Lackey

Reads like a good Decision, hope all works out well,sure it will.Good to know you know the ugly ahead and can mentaly prepare for it.
Hope you read this, as time allows
Freya , I know I respond to your blog a lot, maybe too much But I know you have feelings for Peter and don’t think or let him assume that I’m anything more than just someone that just very much admires what you’re doing and love reading about it and very much envy that I’m not there doing so myself.,and am learning so much for my own travels. I’d never want you or Peter to think I have too much of an effacuation with you to interfere with whatever relationship you may have.Take Care, you and Peter.Safe Paddling and good camps.

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