Sat 03/01-2015 Day 739

Sunrise over the sea


Highlights: Sex on the Beach!
Lowlights: Mostly steep beaches with an ugly dumper
Launch: Sheltered river mouth
Landing: Low surf
Pos: here
Loc: behind Arraial d’Ajuda
Acc: tent
Dist: 54,7 km
Start: 4:50 End: 16:55

The current of that small river I was camping at flushed me out this morning into a dead calm sea. A small fishing boat came out of the same entrance just before me, obviously parked around the other corner. How I like the sun raising over the sea!

I saw a new single man fishing method today, probably for catching shrimps. They had constructed a man high triangular frame with a buggy net and a belt around the fisherman’s body, keeping the frame in close distance of the body with a long side on the ground, and a man was dragging the triangular piece over the sea ground by walking on the chest deep shallow sandy reefs. If a large ship is catching shrimps, they are also dragging nets over the sandy ground. Here was the manual single man method. I could probably write already a separate book how the different nations like to catch their fish…I am greeting every fisherman, having respect for their hard daily work, but not really every tourist having a dip in the water…

And there were many tourists today in the water! On a weekend’s Saturday in x-mas holiday’s time, everyone who can afford was probably at the beach somewhere. After I was crossing over to Punta do Coroa Vermelha, a long jutting out sandy reef point, it was like a circus all along the beach, concentrated on the spots where the restaurants have placed their chairs and music. They had stages with live performance, jumping castles for kids, any kind of beach toys and whatever is amusing a beach holiday maker. Best where the spots between two stages or sound machines, where the noisy music was crossing over. Yahoo! The beach was steep and narrow every where with one single dumper, people were swimming only close to the beach, I paddled also relatively close with the lack of surf. The restaurants left few remote spots in between. But there were a few…

And no, I did not have too many of those similar named cocktails and was just dreaming of my “Highlights” title…not even a single one, as I didn’t dare to stop on one of those packed steep beaches. But that couple finding a rare remote spot between two tourist spots had probably looked up and down the beach, not seeing anyone for maybe a kilometer, before they were sinking down close to the wash of the sea, their legs again and again getting wet by a wave. I assume the woman’s legs were not only wet from the sea water, as she was lying on her back, legs wide spread, her partner half over her and kissing heavily. I was already curious when I paddled closer, how this performance would develop? As I am obviously silently approaching from an area they did not expect anyone to come without noise, and as they were deeply immersed into their doing, How I was sorry the wind was pushing me strongly from behind along! I could have used my little sea anchor from the Amazon area now to enjoy this free performance a little longer! 🙂 When I was unfortunately already too quickly past and turning around a couple of times, he was eventually on top of her and probably continuing what he had prepared…

The beach factory around Porto Seguro


Regarding those packed beaches and the ugly landing mostly every where, I didn’t even think of trying to look for a matching and probably not free anyway pousada,or for a friendly person who would be able to help and maybe host me. The few single houses between the restaurants and beach hotels were all looking very expensive, and were highly fenced and not even able to be entered to ask some one any how. I actually simply felt like being  in a bad movie here, watching this circus for half a day, checked my resources mentally and decided I would be doing better for looking for a shopping chance on a weekday, maybe in Cumuruxatiba or latest in Prado. Does anyone know a host in those cities? I have food for barely 5-6 more days, but only water for maybe two days.

I picked one of the last beach restaurants behind a small reef with a reasonable landing to take the chance to refill my water bags. They were filling my bags out of their tab, probably coming from the water tank but said it was agua potable. It will beall right, probably not tasting great. They surely had only 0,2 l mineral water bottles in their fridge. On the same place I bought two deep fried chicken balls and two of those small but cooled water bottles.A cold drink! I also got a grilled cheese on a stick and two coconut ice cream from one of those dealers running around on the beach every where. The cheese, donated by a Swedish coupe to me (thanks!) the dealer was grilling on a small bucket of glooming coal he was walking around with. I am amazed any way that those running around dealers are allowed to offer their food to people sitting at the restaurant tables…no way this would be allowed by the owners in Europe any where!

I probably spend half an hour on this stop, before I eventually found a calmish spot around the corner upfront some cliffs where they were doing hang gliding in the thermal wind all late afternoon, right over my tent! As long as they are able to handle their toys…

I will have my planned day off tomorrow right here on the beach, remote enough to relax without noisy music, but still some beach walkers around.

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Randall Lackey

Glad you got to pamper your tastebuds and spirit and refill the water supplies as well. Enjoy the rest day.Safe Paddling.

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