Sat 03/11-2012 Day 318

View over the ruines at Puerto Inka, our tent at the bottom left corner of the beach

Pos: here
Loc: Puerto Inka
Acc: tent
Dist: 0 km

Estimated landing: Puerto Lomas
Estimated starting time: Right after sunrise
Estimated landing time: Well before sunset

A real relaxing rest day at an almost remote beach – sleeping, reading, a short walk to the Inka ruins.

The ruins at Puerto Inka

The ruins were looking interesting, but not in really great shape to learn something. Most signs were bleached and not very informative. But my fantasy was making a scenery out of the rocky leftovers of a fishermen housing site.

Probably the old market place at Puerto Inka

We sneaked into the showers of the hotel, and noticed the water was really salty. still refreshing, after the day at the beach in the tent was quite hot in the sunshine. A bunch of organized off road motor bikers arrived as guest – what a luxurious way to travel! 🙂

The hotel at Puerto Inka was offering "kayak rental"...

Tomorrow will be a long, almost 70 km day to Puerto Lomas, landing in a safe fishing port.

7 comments on “Sat 03/11-2012 Day 318

Edda Post author

Oh you all, give Randall a break. No one can ever have enough good wishes and feelings sent their way. Particularly once it goes along the Colombian coast line, a bit of bad luck and wrong place wrong time could cause them more trouble than the sea ever will.

I’d take good wishes over abuse any day 😉

Nice to see this has winkled out a few more readers, though.

Ricardo Hoffmann

Die Tägliche “rest well” und “safe paddling” Empfehlung, gerichtet an einen Kap Hoornier, klingt schon überheblich…

Randall Lackey

You must have had a very long day.No posting yet for Sunday.Rest well.Safe Paddling.


für morgen alles, alles Gute, passt auf Euch auf. Ich wünsche Euch schönes Paddelwetter und viel Energie
kærlige hilsener 🙂

Randall Lackey

You sound as adventurous as myself with sneeking into the hotel shower.They would have caught me naked and dripping wet with my luck.Ha.Oh well.Wouldnt be the first time.Rest well for your long day tommorrow. Safe paddling.Randall

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