Sat 04/05-2013 Day 473

Camp Puerto Estrella


Pos: here
Loc: Puerto Estrella
Acc: tent
Dist: 42,4 km
Start: 4:45 End: 13:00

What shall I write? The same procedure as last night and morning? I was getting up at 2.45am, this time packed with minimum camping gear for two nights. It was an easy ride back to my spot in darkness on calm seas, an easy paddle in low winds. Still headwinds though… I just had to watch a little the small breakers on the wide reef, where you could also see a bunch of shipwrecks. I can really imagine how helpless they must be in 30 knots east winds or more, getting pushed on the reefs and then being stuck there. Even a huge long metal ship was rusting high and dry, helpless now…I picked a perfect weather window, that’s all I can say for this area.

The scenery is desert-like, lots of sand with little green spots. Many beaches, but most of them fringed with rocky reefs now. Still many landings and small headland harbors, few fishing boats. There were thick dark clouds hanging again over the land at lunch time, but only a long grumbling noise came out, and just some few drops. No heavy shower, no lightning. The only flash I remember today was the bright shooting star in the last darkness minutes, and I made some secret wish.

I stopped after my due 40+ km at Puerto Estrella, I could have easily paddled longer. But the time plan now says today 40 km, tomorrow 40+ km, and the last day 40- km or what is left to the border. We will have still a low seas ride back to Puerto Bolivar on the last day, good. I hate jumping motor boats (and my kayak also does… 🙂 )

The boys are tied up to an old rocky deep water jetty, and I camp across on a small beach in the after noon heat. Sweat is running down in streams, but only one more night of camping out… I had to refuse the invitation to sleep at the police station this time. Thanks anyway! But it is a long journey now getting there and back early Sunday morning and I have can my tent space right here on my “private” and safe beach…

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Frances Price

When I am out on my local lake in little wind-whipped waves, I often think of you, Freya. I cannot imagine the courage and skill it takes to successfully maneuver in some of the difficult seas you often face. It is pleasant to know that you will be completing this leg of your journey in reasonable conditions.

Thank you for sharing your adventure with the rest of us; I shall certainly miss daily checking your blog while you are back in Germany with your loved ones. But the time you are away will make sweeter the anticipation of reading the next part of your travels, once you have resumed. In the meantime, happy paddling!


Good going Freya. Only a couple days left of this stage. Enjoy your next few days paddling. Good time to practice being in the moment. You know where you are going, You know your speed, just relax into it. Take it in, Now. Enjoy the precious human life you have. For soon you will be transitioning into other activity in your life.
Rob and i are back in Ontario enjoying spring, the leaves are coming out here. Lovely time to be working in the gardens! But i miss kayaking, I even thought perhaps of kayaking in our pond, going around in circles, however it will not be long before we will be on the fresh water lakes here.

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