Sat 17/09-2011 Day 19

The daily beach car "race"

Pos: same as yesterday
Loc: same as yesterday
Acc: tent
Dist: 0 km

I didn’t paddle today…the latest forecast was morning calm, then 10-15 kn ssw, afternoon, 10-20 kn south. When I looked outside I found confirmed what I was already sensing because of the shaking of my tent -already this the morning  it was 15-20 kn ssw…and the sea was whipped up including wide surf on the onshore wind now. If this is going to be worse or similar, I am not really tempted to go out… plus everything was still soaking wet from last day’s pouring rain, and Alejandro promised to find me today driving with a friend as planned to pass on a new GPS chip plus a few other things, plus to paddle eventually a day with me tomorrow. Thanks!

So I was thinking let everything dry out, the wind be windy from the wrong direction, and I rather spend a nice afternoon chatting with my friends…

But the wind decreased to a reasonable 10-15 kn in the afternoon, and the friend was sick, so Alejandro planned to drive with his wife Virginia in his own car instead – but at 5pm they were still working on the car…patience on both ends required…the last info was they are still planning to drive the 680 km through the night. Argentinian lifestyle! Still I was happy that they planned to see me with the things…and to have some company on next day’s paddle.

I had to make the best of the lost half paddling day, did a few sewing jobs and small repairs, edited videos, tried out my Brunton solar panel – works well! – read a little and tried to rest as much as possible. I even found cell phone reception on the highest dune, and was walking up my “office hill” four times a day to check e-mails and to text Alejandro what he was up to…see if he is showing up during the night or tomorrow morning…would be nice!

Each time I was up my “office hill”, I could watch two or three whales playing in the deeper green water offshore – they are obviously with me now every day! You could easily see the water zones from high above – brownish water in the tidal flat water zone, then greenish clean water, and then the deep blue ocean…the brownish water was not everywhere the same width, depending on the ocean’s surface and the coastline – mud cliffs, or more sandy dunes.

Balneario Los Angeles...just a few houses...

I was kind of happy to see the first car on my first morning walk – yes, there are people out here in this ghostly-like off-season Balneario with maybe 10-15 temporary uninhabited cottages or such! But the first car developed on this sunny weekend Saturday into a constant run of motorbikes, quad bikes and dune buggies and pick up’s from fisher men up and down the beach or higer up in the dunes – actually, I’d have loved to join in with one of those vehicles! Looked like fun…even yesterday in the pouring rain the constant run didn’t really stop…local sport…none of the vehicles really stopped to have a closer look on this strange floating vehicle of mine…I am actually feeling quite safe camping and don’t think any one is interested to bother me…good.

Everything dried out, repaired and some office jobs done – ready to keep on going tomorrow! Hope to see or at least to hear if Alejandro and Virginia really were driving safely through the night…