Sat 18/04-2015 Day 844

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Many kayaks and canoes are stored out at the clubhouse!” type=”image” alt=”IMG_2086.JPG” ]


trip days left: 15
straight distance left: 228,5 km
Loc: behind Arroyo Pando
Acc: Peter’s apartment in Montevideo

More online work to do, and at I got a pick up for some press conference at 1.30 pm at the kayak club. South American TV stations are different to European ones, despite two of them were coming eventually at 2.30 and 3.15 pm, the quality of the questions was rather low and the interviewers did not really now what to ask and were not pre-informed at all…well…not the first “interview” like that…

Some of the kayakers were so nice to take me to the harbor market which was basically an old harbor hall with an “asado only” food mall. It was packed with people shoveling piles of meat into their stomachs, with a smoky smell allover the place. It reminded me to an “Octoberfest” location, same style of tourist trap, but amusing and interesting. Some “authorized” local music band was marching through the tables in between, drumming and dancing with a hat for collecting coins. The whole old style tourist area around the harbor is safe and open at daytime, but closed during the evenings.

The drive back to the more modern area of Montevideo was along the main avenues with many parks, monuments and official buildings like theater and government house which I enjoyed to see a lot. Montevideo on the tourist path in two hours!:-) Thanks guys to take me out and around!

Tomorrow I will already paddle, but only the remaining distance from my spot to the kayak club, starting late at noon, some 25-30 km with an escort of some local kayakers. It will be nice! Peter leaves also to go back to Buenos Aires via ferry on Sunday.

3 comments on “Sat 18/04-2015 Day 844

Randall Lackey

The pictures were great. Thanks again for sharing them. They bring life to all the reading your blog over the weeks.Safe Paddling.

Barbara G.

Wow – it sounds like you are already in permanent partying mode (with a little paddling still to do in between). Somehow hard to believe that this trip will really be over soon – I bet you feel the same. Enjoy the rest of your time in South America, and all the attention you are deservedly getting!

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